Cervical Collar Orthosis (Philadelphia Collar)

cervical collar

Cervical Collar Orthosis (Philadelphia Collar)

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  • The cervical orthosis is a hard neck collar.
  • It’s very helpful especially for the moderate to severe injuries.
  • It’s used for spondylitis, Nerve compression, trauma and whiplashes, general pain, neck stiffness, and after surgeries.
  • It provides support to the head and the spinal cord and limit the movement of both.
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Cervical collar orthosis is a cervical or neck hard collar, it is used for the more serious injuries of the neck.

The collar helps to reduce the pain of the neck, which can be a result of numerous reasons. It also promotes the treatment of the different neck injuries.

The most common injuries are the following:

  • Cervical spondylosis: this mainly happens with age, the tearing or wearing occurs to the cartilages or bones of the neck, it causes pain and it can be very uncomfortable.
  • Cervical nerves compression: in this condition the collar acts a posture corrector, it rebalances the correct alignment of the cervical joints and the soft tissues, so that it can relieve the narrowing that may occur, and thus decompressing the pressure placed on the nerves.
  • In cases of trauma or whiplashes: this happens if you endured an accident or a fall, a trauma will result in pain and inflammation, may be bruising.
  • General neck pain that can happen due to wrong positions and similar reasons.

The neck collar will definitely help to reduce the pain and support the head and the spinal cord, limiting the movement of the neck, allowing it to heal and relieve the strain of the neck muscles.

Sizes of Cervical collar (Philadelphia Collar):

  • S, M, L.

Properties of Cervical collar (Philadelphia Collar):

  • The cervical caller is hard.
  • It immobilizes the neck.
  • It provides support and stabilization to the head and the spinal cord.


  • The cervical collar is a great tool to reduce pain and immobilize the neck.
  • It supports the neck, the head, and the spinal cord.
  • It very much limits the range of motion to prevent any future injury.
  • It facilitates the healing and promotes it.
  • It induces the posture correction and the alignment of the neck for a better healing.
  • It prevents the compression of the nerves that is caused by narrowing of the vertebrae.
  • It can be very helpful in the treatment of inflammation.
  • It helps the neck muscles to relax and reduce the spasms.

Uses of Cervical Orthosis (Philadelphia Collar):

  • The cervical collar is used after medical surgeries.
  • For the compressed cervical nerves.
  • For neck muscles spasms and strain.
  • For inflammation and pain of the cervical vertebrae.
  • For cervical spondylosis.

Benefits of Cervical Orthosis (Philadelphia Collar):

  • The cervical collar helps to reduce the pain and treat the inflammation.
  • It stabilizes the head and the spinal cord protecting the neck from further injury.

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