Heel protective sleeve Gel foot care

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  • Protection of the heel from superficial injuries.
  • Reduces the heel pain within a week of usage.
  • help s to reduce inflammation resulting from the plantar fascia.
  • It is put inside shoes and sneakers.
  • It helps to treat bony heel decubitus ulcers.
  • It helps to treat and avoid heel blisters, pimples, and warts.
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Gel Insole For Heels is a silicone cushioned pad (foot gel pad) designed for heel protection and reduced pain and inflammation.

Since feet are the parts that carry our bodies, it is very important to take good care of our feet, especially if you walk around bad ground qualities. It is important to use the silicone gel pad if you always feel heel pain.

Heel pain can result from various issues such as Plantar fascia, Plantar warts (Callus), long time standing, excessive stress, and unsuitable shoe sizes.

The plantar fascia is the precipitation of calcium in the heel, resulting in a heel spur. Doing efforts, long-standing, and hard work while having this condition can cause severe and painful inflammation. Using the foot gel pad will reduce the chances of developing blisters, pimples, plantar warts, and will reduce the inflammation and the pain resulting from the plantar fascia.

The foot gel pad will reduce the friction between the foot and the shoes, it will also prevent and helps to treat heel cracks.

Sizes of Gel Insole For Heels :

  • The foot gel pad is available in the following sizes: S, M, L.

Properties of Gel Insole For Heels :

  • Soft cushioned silicon foot gel pad.
  • Washable and suitable to be put in all shoe types.
  • Made of think layer that doesn’t cause red spots, itching, irritation, nor inflammation.
  • Anti-slip and shockproof.
  • Suitable for all skin types.


  • You can use the silicone foot gel pad to protect your heel and your foot from injuries, if you walk long distances, and if you stand for a long time.
  • It helps to offload the socks’ pressure, and it provides a barrier between the skin and the shoes in contact, which leads to a higher protection level for the heel.
  • It helps maintaining the heel hydration and moist, thus, helps to treat and avoid heel cracks.
  • Avoiding the causes of heel inflammation will lead to reduced chances to become injured with blisters, pimples, or warts.
  • It will definitely reduce the pain resulting from the plantar fascia and can help limit the development of it.
  • It helps to form a barrier between your leg and the feeling fo the ground.
  • It is extremely important for those who suffer from the plantar fascia, they should never wander around with heel protector (silicon foot gel pad) to reduce the pressure on the heel, prevent friction, and to reduce pain and inflammation.
  • Note: it is very important to wear a shie that’s suitable for your size, neither too small nor too wide.

Uses of Gel Insole For Heels :

  • The silicon foot gel pad is to be put inside all types of shoes.
  • It reduces the general heel pain within a week of usage.
  • Wear it to decrease pressure on the heel: suitable for high heel shoes.
  • To avoid and treat heel cracks.

Benefits of Gel cushion:

  • Using the foot gel pad will reduce your foot and heel inflammation and pain.
  • It will help you stand up or walk ling while increasing your comfort feeling and relieving the pressure.
  • It will prevent the injuries of the skin resulting from friction.
  • It locks the heel hydration inside to keep it moist and then it will help to treat and prevent heel cracks.
  • You can wear them inside hi heels and any type of shoes.
  • It will reduce the pain of plantar fascia and d may limit its progression.
  • Wear it to avoid any future injuries.

Gel Insole For Heels

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S, M, L

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