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Medical knee compression sleeve

  • Knee support and stabilization.
  • Knee osteoarthritis treatment.
  • Solve the problem of slipping and instability of the knee.
  • Post-operative knee support.
  • Useful in the treatment of patella and knee tendon pain.
  • Useful for seniors in the treatment of knee roughness.

460,00 EGP

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Product Description

Tynor’s Elastic Knee Support is designed to support, stabilize and relieve knee pain, by stabilizing the knee and allowing limited movement until recovery.

Medical knee compression sleeve Features

  • The medical flexible knee brace contributes to the treatment of osteoarthritis of the knee.
  • The medical elastic knee brace supports the knee in case of injury to the knee-tendon or ligaments.
  • Provide support for weak knees.
  • The medical knee brace is used in cases of sprains or muscle strains.
  • Can be used after surgeries to support the knee.
  • Tynor Sports Medical Knee Support Corset can be used as a protective knee device during sports activities.
  • Useful for the elderly in stabilizing the knee and relieving the pain of knee roughness.
  • Allow freedom of movement for the knee joint.
  • Treatment of knee and patella tendon pain.
  • Tynor medical knee brace helps treat knee instability.
  • Knee injury treatment and pain relief.

Tynor Elastic Medical Knee Support Features

  • Tynor Medical Knee Brace contains aluminum braces to support and strengthen the knee.
  • The brace is wrapped around the knee, making it easy to put on and take off.
  • Provide the necessary and comfortable pressure to the knee joint and around the kneecap.
  • No pressure on the kneecap due to the open design of the corset.
  • Tynor medical knee brace allows easy movement of the knee joint.
  • The design of the corset ensures that there is no constriction of the blood vessels on the dorsal region.
  • Tynor Elastic Medical Knee Support Sizes
  • To determine the size of the medical flexible knee brace, first measure the circumference of the thigh above the kneecap by about 6 inches or 15 cm, and then choose the most suitable size for you from the following table.

Medical knee compression sleeve price

Available at El doctorz at a discounted price, 460EGP per piece. 

How to wear and use the Tynor medical knee brace

  • Loosen the corset straps.
  • Position the patella opening in the corset above the kneecap.
  • Bend your knee to match the flexion movement of your knee with the flexion movement of the knee corset.
  • Tie the corset straps back so they put pressure on the knee but are comfortable and tolerable.
  • You can also buy articulated knee with braces from Indian Tenor.

common questions
What is Tynor elastic medical knee brace used for?

The Tynor Medical Flexible Knee Brace helps support and stabilize the knee, putting pressure on the knee joint, and allowing the knee to bend and straighten easily.

What is the size of Tynor orthopedic knee brace?

The medical knee brace is available in five sizes and they are Small, Large, X Large, 2X Large and 3X Large.

What is the best treatment for knee pain?

There are many treatments for knee pain, and medical knee splints and supports are one of the best treatments that can be used to treat the knee.

For the best support, fixation and treatment for knee pain, you can get the Tynor medical knee support brace easily from our website, or contact us via WhatsApp or mobile phone with ease through the following number 01017111220 and it will get you home.

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