Dr.Ortho wrist sprain bandage

wrist sprain bandage

Dr.Ortho wrist sprain bandage

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  • Wrist brace is used for the sprain wrist condition.
  • Immobilization of the wrist joint.
  • Stabilization and alignment correction of the writs joint, bones, and soft tissues.
  • It reduces pain and alleviates pressure.
  • It helps in the treatment of inflammation and accelerates healing.
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The wrist sprain bandage is for wrist sprain, fractures, post-surgeries, and to immobilize the wrist.

the injury will start to heal, when the injured parts are immobilized and stabilized, and the way to do that is to wear a brace, it is available with metal support.
which purpose is the maximum stabilization of the wrist, the restriction of the range of motion.

Only this way, you’ll certainly accelerate the healing rate, you will maintain a corrects alignment for the tissue and in return the pain will be massively reduced and the inflammation will be contained.

the brace is very suitable for bone fractures, whether it was a complete fracture, complete or partial dislocation or a crack in the bone.

It restricts the range of motion enabling the soft tissues to heal properly.

Sizes of Dr.Ortho wrist sprain bandage:

  • Default, Adjustable.

Properties of Dr.Ortho wrist sprain bandage :

  • The wrist sprain bandage is made of finest materials.
  • It causes no allergy nor is itchy.
  • The brace is supported with a metal pillar to immobilize the wrist.
  • The size is adjustable for most suitable compression.

Description of Dr.Ortho Wrist Brace:

  • The wrist sprain bandage helps the treatment of wrist sprain, muscle strain, joint partial or complete dislocation, fractures, and can be used after medical surgeries.
  • The brace immobilizes the joint, and in case of the wrist sprain, if it was mild to moderate, then you need nothing more than immobilizing and maybe using anti-inflammatories. It would then heal on its own.
  • In other conditions, using the brace is part of the treatment plan.
  • wrist sprain  gives rest to your joint and limits the movement, preventing it from the risk of getting a furtherer injury, or the faring up of the old one.
  • It alleviates the pressure, and accordingly the pain.
  • It supports the stabilized movement for the arm, in order not to affect the wrist joint.
  • If you’re an athlete and suffer from severe pain swings, then using the brace will help you contain that pain, and hold your wrist to relieve from the over-using of it.
  • It applies compression to the injured part, activating the blood circulation and accelerating the recovery.

Uses of Dr.Ortho wrist sprain bandage:

  • For wrist sprain.
  • Wrist torsion.
  • Over-use by athletes, writers, typists, musicians, gardeners, heavy-weight lifters, baseball players, golfers, tennis players, racket players, and so on.
  • Mild to severe pain.
  • Swelling and bruising.
  • Soft tissues inflammation or injury (tendons, ligaments, cartilages, and muscles).
  • Fractures.
  • Joint and tendon dislocations.
  • Immobilization of the wrist.
  • Post-surgical procedure.

Benefits of Dr.Ortho Wrist Brace:

  • The wrist sprain and all other injuries can be really annoying; we use our hand to do everything in life.
  • The brace will help to reduce the pain and increase the healing rate of the injures, making it better for you to handle your daily needs, and getting back to your normal life as fast as possible.

Dr.Ortho Wrist Brace:

  • Buy Dr.Ortho wrist sprain bandage at the best price in Egypt.
  • Dr.Ortho Wrist Brace is certified by the FDA.
  • Dr.Ortho Wrist Brace is 100% original.
  • Get Dr.Ortho wrist sprain bandage now and enjoy our best deals.
  • Dr.Ortho Wrist Brace is in a new condition.

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