Wrist/Thumb Abduction Brace

710,00 EGP

  • Support thumb and wrist sports injury.
  • Used for sprained or ruptured tendons and ligaments injuries.
  • Reduces inflammation of one of the ligaments of the thumb that connects to the wrist joint.
  • Wrist and thumb splints limit movement to stop the pain and allow healing.
  • Produced by Flamingo.
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Wrist and thumb abduction brace is a great tool for thumb sprains and can be very helpful for bruising and swelling.  Speeds up the healing process by providing heat and tightness to the affected part, stimulating blood circulation.

Prevents movement of the thumb joint, to prevent further injury and to maintain proper alignment of the thumb joint with the soft tissues.

Wrist and thumb splints are also designed for: swollen thumb tendons, thumb-wrist ligament injury, fractures, sports accidents, severe injuries to the thumb joint, and rheumatic diseases.

Wrist/Thumb Abduction Brace uses

  • Used to sprain the thumb.
  • Used for Skier’s Thumb (Tanitis).
  • Helps in case of severe pain or inflammation.
  • Used as a preventative measure for athletes.
  • Provides support used for soft tissue injuries.
  • A wrist and thumb splint is recommended for sports injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, and for postoperative purposes.
  • The finger splint holds the wrist in the neutral position and the thumb in the off position with stability and support.
  • The thumb and wrist splint is made of neoprene, provides customized compression and warmth, and supports the wrist and thumb.
  • The design of the thumb and wrist support is different for both the left and the right.
  • The wrist splint is easy to wear.

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Wrist and thumb features

  • Made of the finest materials.
  • Doesn’t cause allergic reactions, rashes, or irritation.
  • Equipped with a metal brace to stabilize the thumb and wrist.
  • The thumb splint is easy to use.

How to wear

  • Put a thumb and wrist abduction brace on the injured wrist and thumb.
  • Wrap the tape around the wrist and thumb after attaching the brace.
  • Consult a doctor if you feel increased pain.

Wrist and Thumb Abduction Brace price

Available at El doctorz at a discounted price, 710EGP per piece. 


You can request a wristband easily from the Drs.com site, and to get more details you can communicate with us by connecting or via Watsab at the following number


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