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Air Mattress Super Care

·         Production of Super care, Taiwan.

·         Medical anti-decubitus system.

·         Made of the best quality materials.

·         Skin friendly.

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Product Description

Super care| Air Mattress

Product information

·         Production of Super care, Taiwan.

·         Manufactured in Xiamen Shenyang co.

·         Medical anti-decubitus system.

·         Made of best quality materials.

·         Skin friendly.


Air Mattress Super care

Air mattress is an essential and extremely important tool, for people who lost the ability to move.

As in paralysis cases, people with spine fractures, severe depression cases, and late cancer cases. and many more cases, face having to stay in bed for long times.

Air mattress helps in preventing skin irritation and bed ulcers.

Once bed or leg ulcers occur, the patient faces nightmares till it gets treated, and sometimes it doesn’t ever heal 100%.

Using air mattress during sleep time should be your number 1 action in case you are dealing with disability of movement.

Air mattress Super care properties

·         Dimensions: 200cm x 90cm.

·         It carries weight up to 120-130 Kg.

·         Thickness 0.3 mm (PVC).

·         Made of elastic plastic material.

·         Contains powerful air compressor.

·         Cycle period: 6 minutes.

·         Air output: 6-7 liters/minute.

·         Motor pressure: 35 to 130 mmHg.

·         Power supply: 220-240 Volt, 50 Hertz.

Air mattress| Super care method of work

·         It works based on air exchanging technique, and exchange pressure on different body parts, to simulate volatility in bed.

·         This will prevent any blood accumulation causing bed ulcers.

Air Mattress Super care uses

·         It is used t avoid having skin irritation or bed ulcers.

·         It is used after surgeries.

·         Fracture cases.

·         Elderly cases.

·         Spine pains.

·         People who spend all day long in bed.

·         Rheumatism cases.

·         Stimulation of circulation.

Air Mattress| Super care usage instructions

·         A sponge matt should be below the air mattress.

·         It is best to apply a cotton sheet over the ar mattress, to avoid irritation.

·         Any extra mattress parts should be folded around the below matt.


Air mattress usage further instructions

·         If you are suffering from any severe condition, it is best to consult your physician.

·         if you suffer from any skin allergies or if you are susceptible to allergies, it is best to consult your physician, or your health care provider.

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