Elbow Support Wrap-Around

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Elbow Support Wrap-Around

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210.00 EGP

  • It is great for inflammation and pain.
  • It helps with the tendonitis and other soft tissue injuries.
  • It provides compression and pain relief.
  • It helps to stimulate circulation and reduce swelling.
  • It is designed specifically for individuals who overuse their arms.
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The elbow support is a strap that helps with the mild to moderate injuries in the elbow.
It is designed mainly to try to negate the effect of the over-use of the elbow and the repetitive motion for long times.

The main injuries we’re addressing here is the: tendonitis, ligaments tear, muscle ache, fatigue and spasms.

It applies heat and compression, both relieve the pain, takes the stress off of the elbow, and reduces inflammation.

It also enhances the circulation, which lead to an accelerated healing process.
It allows the range of motion to the elbow, so you can use it while performing activities.

It reduces the stress and the pressure placed on the elbow, by slightly limiting the range of motion of the joint. This way, it avoids re-injuries and promotes healing.

Sizes of Elbow Support Wrap-Around:

  • Default, Adjustable.

Properties of Elbow Support Wrap-Around:

  • It is made of the best fabrics.
  • It is highly elastic, supple, and breathable.
  • It provides support and compression.
  • It doesn’t cause allergies nor irritation.
  • It allows the range of motion.


  • It is very important in cases of elbow injuries, especially the injuries related to the soft tissues, such as the tendons, ligaments, and the cartilages.
  • The support helps to relief the pain and reduce inflammation, it applies a mild immobilization to the joint to promote the healing process.
  • It also reduces the stress and the pressure placed over the joint, while maintaining a range of motion do make you able to practice daily activities and protecting your elbow from further injuries.
  • When the ligaments and the tendons are torn partially or completely, they must be rested in order to heal properly, and without causing any permanent medical issue.

Uses of Elbow Support Wrap-Around:

  • Tendonitis.
  • Tennis elbow.
  • For athletes who suffer from elbow injuries.
  • In cases of cartilage degeneration.
  • In conditions of ligaments partial tear.
  • In cases of mild instability.
  • In cases of mild dislocation.
  • In cases of mild fractures.

Benefits of Elbow Support Wrap-Around:

  • It will help to promote recovery and to protect the elbow from future injures.
  • It will accelerate the recovery.
  • It will facilitate the movement and allow the range of motion while providing protection.


Elbow Support Wrap-Around Wellcare:

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