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Off-Loading Shoe

Off-Loading Shoe | Darco

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1,330.00 EGP

  • Darco shoe is designed for forefoot and toes injuries.
  • Takes most of the load off of the forefoot.
  • For the treatment of tailor’s bunion.
  • For the treatment of hammertoes.
  • For the treatment of hallux valgus.
  • For forefoot post op rehabilitation.
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Off-Loading Shoe is a medical post op shoe that used for protection of the forefoot and the toes from different injuries and is used as a part of the post-surgical rehabilitation process.

It can help various conditions such as the tailor’s bunion, which is an outward deviation at the small toe’s lowest bunion (fifth metatarsal bottom bone).

It helps to treat hallux valgus, which is an outward deviation but in the foot thumb, toes deviation can be very painful. In the first condition, severe friction occurs with the shoes, and in the second condition, the foot thumb rubs against the rest of the toes, which results in progressing more and more injuries.

It is also very helpful in the condition of hammertoes, it is a condition of deformity of the toes, resulting in their upward bending (hammer-like shape), it happens to 1 or 2 of the toes’ joints (sec, third, fourth, and fifth).

The darco shoe help generally in the cases of forefoot injuries, whether it was due to a certain condition, or generally for diabetic foot, and any other medical issues such as inflammation, fracture, and post-correction surgical rehabilitation.

Sizes of Off-Loading Shoe:

  • XS, S, M, L, XL.

Properties of Off-Loading Shoe:

  • Darco shoe is consists of a wedge that alleviates the weight and the pressure off of the forefoot.
  • It contains a lining insole for refreshing the foot and for extra comfort.
  • The post op shoe is adjustable as you have to remove the insole, furthermore, it is provided with a hook and loop strap for customized fitting.


  • The post op shoe is used after the correction surgeries of the mentioned conditions (tailor’s bunion, hammertoes, and hallux valgus).
  • If a patient was careful enough to observe the progression of those conditions and used the darco shoe as a precaution and a limitation of the injury, it can help avoid subjecting to surgeries.
  • It is beneficial in the case of the diabetic foot, due to poor circulation of the forefoot, as well as the whole foot, inflammation treatment takes a long time.
  • The medical shoe helps to enhance the blood circulation and most importantly lift most of the weight and the pressure off of the forefoot area -which is noticed instantly after wearing the shoe- allowing it to heal and recover.

Uses of Off-Loading Shoe:

  • The post-op shoe is used for post-operative treatment (toes correction surgeries).
  • Tailor’s bunion.
  • Hammertoes
  • Hallux Valgus.
  • Darco shoe treats forefoot inflammation.
  • Reduces forefoot pain.
  • Alleviation of the weight and effort burden off the forefoot.
  • Providing freshness and compression to the forefoot.

Benefits of Off-Loading Shoes:

  • Darco shoes can help you avoid subjecting to surgeries.
  • The post-op shoe is used to facilitate the rehabilitation process.
  • To prevent re-injuries.
  • It will offload most of the weight and pressure placed on the forefoot area.
  • Its design is super comfortable and easily customized for perfect fitting.

Off-Loading Shoe

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