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  • To hinge knee joint movement post-opt.
  • To control bending angles of the knee joint.
  • For patellar dislocation.
  • For fractures.
  • For cartilages degeneration.
  • For joints instability.
  • To prevent knees injuries.
  • For knee injuries.
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Self-Adjusting Hinged Knee Brace from Bluewell is designed to give you the control of the knee joint movement.

It is suitable after surgeries, it hinges the movement to allow the knee to heal properly.

It can be used in many conditions and injuries of the knee joint starting from protection and up to post-surgical rehabilitation (Ex; Knee joint dislocation).

It is used in cases of cartilage semi-and severe degeneration, and all degenerative disorders.

It is used in cases of ligaments laxity and unstable knee joint: it improves the functions of the knee joint. It aids the control of the uncontrolled range of motion. It provides adequate stability for the joint, allowing the person to feel balanced while performing different physical activities.

In cases of extreme physical performance, Self-Adjusting Hinged Knee Brace helps you maintain the normal movement of the knee joint to prevent over load or excessive movement that might lead to several injuries (Such as: Runner’s knee, Knee Chondromalacia, and tear of ligaments).

It is also used to relieve the pain and reduce arthritis symptoms.

It decreases the consequences of any knee injury by providing active support that lifts the load off the knee.

Sizes of Adj. Hinged Knee Support Bluewell:

  • S, M, L, XL, XXL.

Properties of Self-Adjusting Hinged Knee Brace Bluewell

  • It is made of best quality materials.
  • Durable.
  • It is lined with a soft-like cushioning material, processed against being allergic.
  • Provides comfort and produces suitable compression.
  • It is provided with an angle meter that allows you to fix a certain angle measurement.
  • Self-Adjusting Hinged Knee Brace provides you full control of the knee joint.

Description of Adj. Hinged Knee Splint | Bluewell

  • Applying load over the knees during a recovery process can delay the healing process, can worsen the symptoms and even may lead to re-injury.
  • It is very important to understand how much it is important to control the joint movement, especially after surgeries.
  • Patience can suffer from continues knee joint inflammation if they don’t follow the proper instruction described for each case.
  • Hinged Knee Brace serves as a maestro in a musical band, it helps keeping all organelles working together steadily to achieve harmony, which is the supported active healing process.

Uses of Self-Adjusting Hinged Knee Brace | Bluewell

  • After knee joint replacement surgeries.
  • In cases fractures and can complete the work of bone splicers.
  • In cases of arthritis, knee chondromalacia, and runner’s knee.
  • In cases of joint instability and lax ligaments.
  • In cases of joint stiffness and pain.
  • To support the knee avoid injuries in cases of athletes and overweight individuals.
  • In cases patellar partial and complete dislocation.
  • Cases of sprains and
  • It provides support for all healing processes.

Benefits of Self-Adjusting Hinged Knee Brace |Bluewell

  • When you use a brace for your injured knee, you are eliminating the risk factors of re-injuries.
  • The brace eases the movement during rehabilitation, walking and standing.
  • You prevent risky bending of the knee, because you set the angle of bending yourself.
  • It enhances the healing process of all parts of the knee joint (Ligaments, tendons, joint bones, and cartilages).
  • It provides a suitable compression to control the pain, edema and stabilize the movement.
  • Protects the knee from future injuries, by lifting up the heavy load and stimulating the proper and nature knee joint extension and flexion.
  • It decreases the pain, and reduces the symptoms of arthritis.

Self-Adjusting Hinged Knee Brace | Bluewell

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  • Self-Adjusting Hinged Knee Brace | Bluewell is in new condition.

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S, M, L, XL, XXL

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