Brace For Neck | Flamingo Cervical Immobilizer

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Brace For Neck | Flamingo Cervical Immobilizer

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325.00 EGP

  • The cervical immobilizer is a brace for neck.
  • It immobilizes the neck and the cervical vertebrae.
  • It reduces the pressure and the weight placed on the joints and the muscles to reduce inflammation, pain, and muscle strain.
  • It helps the neck injuries to rest, relax, and heal.
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The cervical immobilizer is a hard brace for neck stabilization. It reduces the inflammation and the pain.

It decreases muscle strain to help the muscles relax, it also reduces the muscle spasms.

It relieves nerve compression, which may cause pain, numbness, and mobility restrictions.

It corrects the posture of the cervical vertebrae to be in a rightful alignment, aiding in reducing the inflammation and the pain, and allows the injured area to heal, as well as, restoring the spaces between the vertebrae.

All of these factors allow the injured soft tissues to heal properly and on a faster pace.

The injuries can be related to the joints such as joints instability, fractures or degeneration. Another injury type is injury of soft tissues, such as torsion of the tendons, degeneration of the cartilages and the ligaments, injuries to the connective tissues and muscle strain.

The immobilizer brace is used to stabilize the neck, it can be the initial treatment, and it can be after surgeries.

The stabilization will retain the correct posture, making all tissues in a perfect alignment for a better healing throughout the proliferation of the new cells of the injured tissues.
The stabilization prevents the wrong movement that causes possible or re-injuries. It takes off the stress and the weight pressure that may delay the healing process.

Sizes of Flamingo Cervical Immobilizer:

  • S, M, L, XL.

Properties of Flamingo Cervical Immobilizer (brace for neck):

  • The cervical immobilizer is a hard brace for neck composed of two fused plastic parts.
  • It provides a great immobilization for the head through supporting the chin, and restriction to the neck movement by supporting the neck (collar like).
  • It provides warmth to the neck to enhance the treatment of inflammation.


  • The brace for neck is a great method helps you restore the normal functionality of the joints and the soft tissues.
  • It is very beneficial for traumas incidents and concussions.
  • It helps to stabilize the head and the neck until you become more balanced.
  • It helps to stop the further injury that may occur to the cervical spine (spinal cord) after a fall or an accident.
  • It can be used as a part of the rehabilitation process after surgeries.
  • It can be used for fractures, it will maintain the neck and the head stabilized till the healing of the bones.

Uses of Flamingo Cervical Immobilizer:

  • The immobilizer is used for spondylosis.
  • Trauma and concussion.
  • After surgeries.
  • Neck pain.
  • Cervical vertebrae inflammation and stiffness.
  • For nerve compression alleviation.
  • Bone fractures and joints instability.
  • Posture alignment correction.

Benefits of Flamingo Cervical Immobilizer:

  • The brace for neck will help accelerate the recovery rate.
  • It will maintain a correct alignment for a proper healing process


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S, M, L, XL


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