Gel ball for hand exercise

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  • Ensures a strong grip.
  • Hand gel exercise ball with unlimited pressure.
  • Often used during burns, arthritis, and fractures.
  • The benefits of a gel exercise ball are many, and it has both curative and preventive advantages.
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Gel ball for hand exercise stimulates muscle strengthening and enhances flexibility of the body, it is a versatile sports tool,  used to help perform weight lifting exercises effectively, and helps balance and increase the rate of fitness.

Used for a variety of hand and arm muscle exercises, it’s made of dual-touch materials that strengthen grip and stabilize performance, helping you hold the ball better.

Uses and benefits of gel hand exercise ball

  • Recommended for people with burns, arthritis, fractures, and nerve damage in the hand and arm area
  • Strengthen muscles and bones during the rehabilitation period.
  • Increases grip strength.
  • Hand exercise ball gives dexterity, movement, and fine motor skills.
  • Relieves stress and fatigue.
  • The hand gel ball hand exercise is recommended for hand exercise to ensure control and grip.

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Features gel ball hand exercise

  • Unlimited pressure gel exercise ball.
  • Ball for hand exercise has a suitable size for the size of the hand to ensure complete control.
  • Made of flexible, comfortable, and soft material.
  • Ball for hand exercise, comfortable design, beautiful and distinctive shape.
  • Water-resistant gel exercise ball.

Gel ball for hand exercise price

Available at El doctorz at a discounted price, 170EGP per piece. 

You can order Gel ball for hand execrise from El Doctorz website, and for more details, you can contact us by calling or via WhatsApp on the following number:


32 reviews for Gel ball for hand exercise

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    المنتج هايل من اول 10 ايام ونتيجته معايا حلوه اوي و مكنتس متوقعه انه نتيجته هتكون سريعه كده

  4. Menna Elmasry (verified owner)

    بصي انا بصراحه بجد وربنا يشهد متعاملتش مع شركه محترمه كده زيكو ف حقيقي ميرسي لذوكم اوي حبيبتي

  5. نهي احمد احمد (verified owner)

    انا عايز اشكرك طبعا عشان صدقتي معايا من البدايه وبعتلي الحاجه زي ماطلبت وان شاءالله المره الجايه هعمل اوردر بالمنتجات التانيه المتفق عليها

  6. محمد عبدالمنعم (verified owner)

    اولا هذي الشركة احبها كل شي اخذه منها جميل ومفعوله واضح

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    التوصيل سريع و في المعاد المظبوط

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  15. هبة نصار (verified owner)

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