Hinged knee brace Features

Hinged knee brace

Hinged knee brace Features

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440.00 EGP

  • Support and immobilize the knee completely to stop its movement.
  • Treats fractures and sprains in the foot and leg.
  • Control of swelling in the knee as a result of injuries.
  • Heal knee injuries faster.
  • Used as a substitute for gypsum.
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The Flamingo Knee support brace is designed to ensure the stability of the knee and prevent its movement completely, in order to treat fractures and injuries that require knee stability, and is also used in cases of joint damage.

K Hinged knee brace uses

  • Stopping the movement of the knee and immobilizing it completely in cases that require the stability of the foot and the lack of movement.
  • The medical long knee brace is used for fractures and ligament injuries.
  • Helps to support and rehabilitate the knee after medical surgery.
  • A medical long knee splint is used for sprains.
  • Provides complete support to the knee joint.
  • Used in the treatment of osteoarthritis.
  • Reduces and controls any knee swelling caused by injuries.
  • Treatment of bursitis of the knee joints.
  • Promote faster knee healing.
  • An alternative to a plaster cast, you can use a long orthopedic knee with a brace.
  • Promote warmth and blood circulation in the foot in general, and the knee in particular.
  • Used in the treatment of osteoporosis.

Hinged knee brace Features

  • Immobilization of the knee joint and providing it with full support.
  • The Long Medical Knee Stabilization Braces have solid metal back posts.
  • The Flamingo Medical Long Knee Orthosis is made of the finest materials to prevent allergies and rashes.
  • The long knee brace has an inner lining to prevent chafing against the skin.
  • Easy to put on with Velcro closure straps.
  • The Medical Long Knee Stabilization Brace has long side braces to support and stabilize the knee.
  • It can be worn while sleeping.
  • Tips for wearing the Flamingo Long Medical Knee Support
  • Medical knee braces should not be worn for long periods of time.
  • Heavy weights adversely affect foot injuries, so you should not carry any heavy objects.
  • In the event of any swelling or an increase in pain, the doctor should be consulted immediately.
  • Follow up with the doctor to find out when to wear the medical splint.

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How to put on hinged knee brace

  • Loosen the brace straps and place them on the foot.
  • Install the side struts.
  • Wrap the sides of the medical knee around the foot.
  • Tie and close the laces from the bottom up.
  • Tighten and close the laces at the appropriate degree of closure and pressure for you.
  • Flamingo Long Medical Knee Orthosis Sizes
  • First, determine your size by measuring the circumference of the thigh at a distance of 6 inches or 15 cm above the kneecap, and choose your size from the following long medical knee brace sizes:


  • Small: 27.5-32.5 CMS
  • Medium: 32.5-37.5 CMS
  • Large: 37.5-42.5 CMS
  • X Large: 42.5-47.5 CMS
  • 2X Large: 47.5-52.5 CMS
  • 3X Large: 52.5-57.5 CMS

Hinged Knee support brace Price

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