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  • Hinged Knee Brace is designed for your knee joint protection.
  • You should wear it when you are susceptible for knee injury.
  • It is designed to stabilize and control the knee movement, especially postoperatively.
  • This knee brace provides type 3 support-maximum support for knee joint.
  • Use it for severe and moderate conditions.
  • Use it for protection during harsh activities.
  • Use it whenever you have knee injury, pain or arthritis to help you support your joint and relieve the pain.
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Wellcare Adjustable Hinged Knee Brace is an amazing protection tool for your injured knee joint, it enables you to adjust the suitable size and the bending angle of the knee.

It has a very unique design suits all sizes, due to the supplied multiple super elastic straps.

It contains an angle adjusting meter, it will help you either stabilize the brace, or make it elastic for daily activities and sports.

Knee joint is a central joint connecting the thigh bone to the leg bones, it encloses multiple bones, ligaments and tendons all generate the mechanical movement of the knee joint.

Wrong habits, accidents, natural birth defects, arthritis, obesity, excessive exercise and many other reasons cause different types of injuries for each component of the knee joint.

The consequences of most injury result in common symptoms (painful extension and flexion, knee stiffness, very painful movements (climbing stairs, lifting the leg, carrying a considerable heavy weight, or making huge effort) and inability to (walk fast or run, exercise, fully extend or flex the leg). Inflammation and edema may occur due to injuries.

Injuries of the knee are 3 types (mild, moderate, and severe), this brace works effectively with moderate and specifically sever injuries.

Examples of Knee joint birth defect, illness or injury are represented in any of the following (Ligament laxity, tendon rupture, Runner’s knee, Knee chondromalacia, fractures, knee and patellar dislocation, chondrafemoral cartilage degenerative syndrome, ITBs, arthritis, and cruciform ligaments injuries).

Wellcare Adjustable Hinged Knee Brace can help with all the mentioned conditions as a part of the rehabilitation process.

Sizes of Adj. Hinged Knee Brace:

  • Standard, Adjustable to suit any size.

Properties of Wellcare Adjustable Hinged Knee Brace:

  • You can control and adjust the limit of knee bending angle.
  • It is supplied with 2 lateral metallic pillars to provide strength to the brace.
  • The brace is manufactured from high quality materials.
  • Anti-allergic, doesn’t cause irritation.
  • Easily put on and taken off.
  • Allows


  • The knee joint brace functions to support your joint by providing an adequate compression to keep the tissues close to each other accelerating and enhancing the healing process.
  • The compression helps in reducing the pain and the chances of edema.
  • While the brace is holding the leg, it helps in preserving the temperature.
  • Human body id exothermic, meaning heat energy (Temperature) is released from it.
  • The temperature is an important factor for the healing process as well.
  • Wellcare Adjustable Hinged Knee Brace helps maintaining your knee joint intact and away from getting injuries.
  • It assists the knee joint movement to function properly.
  • It limits the movement to avoid further or re-injuries.
  • When your knee get injured, you must allow the affected leg to rest to increase the healing process and to avoid turning the injury and the pain into chronic ones.
  • The straps is important for customizing the size, this way we ensure full protection of type 3.

Uses of Wellcare Adjustable Hinged Knee Brace:

  • It helps the treatment of the following:
  1. Post-surgical rehabilitation.
  2. Runner’s knee.
  3. ITBs (Iliotibial band syndrome).
  4. Osteoarthritis.
  5.  Arthritis.
  6. Chondromalacia patella.
  7. Chondromalacia knee.
  8. Chondromalacia ligament degeneration.
  9. Patellar partial and complete dislocation.
  10. Femoral ligament injuries.
  11. Patellar tendonitis.
  12. Knee pain.
  13. Knee joint stiffness.
  14. Athletic precaution.
  15. And general knees injuries.

Adjustable Hinged Knee Brace | WellCare

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  • Hinged Knee Brace is certified by the FDA.
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  • hinged knee support is in new condition.

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