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دعامة الركبة بشرائط لزيادة التحكم | Knee Support

Sports knee support controlled compression | Tynor

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350.00 EGP

  • To protect the knee.
  • For assisting mild knee stiffness.
  • For reducing mild knee inflammation.
  • To provide protection to the patella bone.
  • For knee joint support.
  • For mild knee injuries.
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Knee Support Controlled Compression is manufactured to compress and support the healing of mild knee joints’ injuries.

The early signs of knee injuries are pain and ache during motion, skin pink rashes, and edema are first signs.

The patella is a triangular bone in the knee joint, it is located in the anterior part of the knee joint, the cartilage covering the patella can get inflamed and degenerated as well as ligaments and tendons due to falls, twists and sprains, excessive sporting and repeated mechanical effort.

Sports Knee Support helps to reduce the pain resulting from knee stiffness.

Sizes of Knee Support:

  • S, M, L, XL, XXL.

Properties of Knee Support Controlled Compression:

  • Highly elastic in all directions.
  • Made of high-quality material that causes no allergies or irritation.
  • Easy to use.


  • Knee Support Controlled Compression protects the patellar bone.
  • It reduces the pain of mild stiff knee joints.
  • It decreases the pain and inflammation by providing mild support and compression to the knee.
  • Using the Knee Support will help you avoid a lot of knee joint issues if used as a protection precursor.

Uses of Knee Support Controlled Compression:

  • Mild knee injuries.
  • Mild and moderate knee pain.
  • Mild knee inflammation.
  • Mild knee stiffness.
  • It provides mild compression to the knee.
  • It provides patella bone and knees joint protection.

Benefits of Knee Support Controlled Compression:

  • You can use it early as a proact to protect the knee joint from probable injuries.
  • Use it to lift the knee pain.
  • Use it to support a correct knee mechanical movement.
  • Use it to aid inflammation reduction.
  • Use it to provide protection to the patella and the knee joint.
  • Use it to resist edema and swelling.

Knee Support Controlled Compression

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  • Knee Support is certified by the FDA.
  • Knee Support is 100% original.
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  • Knee Support Controlled Compression is in a new condition.

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S, M, L, XL, XXL


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