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Shoulder Support | Bluewell

  • The shoulder support is designed to moderately immobilize the injured shoulder and its arm.
  • It enhances the blood circulation and apply compression to accelerates healing.
  • It reduces swelling, inflammation, and pain.
  • It promotes recovery and reduces the pressure placed on the shoulder.

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Product Description

Shoulder support is designed to moderately immobilize the arm and the injured shoulder to allow proper healing.

The injured tissue must rest and remains stabilized to continue with healing. The support will put the tissue in their correct positions and reduce the pressure and stress applied on the injured shoulder.

It will lift the arm to enhance the blood flow and speed the recovery rate.

The injuries of the shoulder can be related to soft tissue injuries, that includes tendons, cartilages, ligaments, and muscles’ injuries. It is very common for athletes, they are always suffering from pain and inflammation that happen due to the repetitive motion and the over-use of the arm and the shoulders.

It can result in a gradual degeneration of the cartilages separating the joint bone, it can happen where a torsion or a sprain happens to the tendons or the ligaments.
Their main function is to prevent the bones rubbing against each other, they connect the bones and the muscles together, and they allow the range of motion. When these bands become injured.
It reflects on the stability of the joint, it causes pain and inflammation, and it then needs to rest in order to position and heal properly.

The Shoulder brace helps to avoid injuries, and to reduce pain and treat the inflammation, as well as, speeding up the healing.


Sizes of Shoulder Support:

  • S, M, L, XL.

Properties of Shoulder Support:

  • The Shoulder brace is elastic and comfortable.
  • It is made of best quality fabrics that doesn’t cause allergies or itching.
  • It covers the injured shoulder and the arm.
  • It provides compression and heat.


  • The Shoulder brace is a tool used to treat shoulder injuries.
  • It is designed for the mild to moderate injuries, and can be used after medical surgeries to provide moderate stabilization for the shoulder and the arm.
  • It accelerates the recovery rate and enhances the treatment of the injured ligaments and tendons.
  • It reduces the pressure off of the shoulder and lifts up the arm to reduce the effort and the range of motion that may apply a stress to the shoulder joint.
  • It warms and compresses the injured area to enhance the blood circulation, this way the nutritional elements and the medication are delivered more effectively to the injured tissues.

Uses of Shoulder Support Bluewell:

  • The Shoulder brace is used to reduce muscle strain.
  • Facilitate the movement to become with less pain.
  • It helps when the soft tissues are injured, like tendons, ligaments, and cartilages.
  • Reduce pain and inflammation and control swelling.
  • Lifting up the arm to reduce the range of motion.

Benefits of Shoulder Supports:

  • The Shoulder brace will prevent the re-injuries.
  • It will aid and speed recovery.
  • It will reduce pain, inflammation, and moderately stabilize the shoulder joint.


Shoulder Supports

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Shoulder Support | Bluewell
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