Hip Abduction Brace | Soft Guards


Hip Abduction Brace | Soft Guards

جبيرة تثبيت مفصل الحوض | Hip Brace

Hip Abduction Brace | Soft Guards

6,800.00 EGP

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6,800.00 EGP

  • Hip brace is composed of the best and safest materials.
  • The hip brace is made of nylon, aluminum, polyethylene and polyurethane foam: these materials are characterized by durability and ability to withstand prolonged usage; the polyurethane foam material provides infinite flexibility for the purposes of ease and comfort of use.
  • The brace provides comfort, safety and full support to the pelvic joint and stabilizes the femur motion to accelerate the healing rate.
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Hip Abduction Brace For Adults is especially designed to support pelvic joint and femur and speed up the recovery rate in cases of (Hip dislocation, after Hip replacement revision surgery, and common cases of pelvic joint disorders and diseases).

This hip brace aids stabilize the femur inside the hip socket and also to place it in a position far from the body (Abduction), thereby reducing any movement of the thigh bone as much as possible until the completion of the healing process.
The brace helps prevent joint re-dislocation – and in cases of rehabilitation, it expedites the recovery rate.
The hip brace is manufactured using high quality materials regarding durability, flexibility and ability to bear prolonged consumption, safe and non-allergic, supplied with a soft foam lining layer provides the maximum feeling of comfort.

Hip Brace sizes:

  • (S / M) / (L / XL).

Properties of Soft Guards  Hip Abduction Brace For Adults:

  • It can be adjusted to be convenient and comfortable.
  • It is easy to put on and take off.
    It is made of durable, flexible, lightweight materials that are comfortable to wear.
  • The PE foam lining layer provides delicate and comfy feeling while the brace is on.

Description of Hip Brace:

  • It is used for supporting and fixation of the femur and the pelvic joint for post-surgical rehabilitation and treatment of pelvic joint dislocation, as well as to reduce the pain severity of hip circumference for athletes.

Uses of  Hip Abduction Brace For Adults:

  • Pelvic joint dislocations.
  • Pelvic joint replacement.
  • Reducing the pain for professional athletes or vigorous exercisers.
  • Other medical conditions of pelvic and femur disorders.

Benefits of using Hip Brace:

  • Bones healing process may be slow if our bones are not well stabilized. The hip brace helps you fix the femur inside the hip socket in order to eliminate excessive movements that may cause re-injury.
  • When wearing the hip brace, it ensures that no dislocation occurs or facing difficulty during healing period, moreover, the hip brace works to accelerate the rate of healing.
  • Hip brace supports and accelerates your hip rehabilitation for full recovery.
  • Hip brace helps athletes put an end to thigh and hipexcruciating pain.

Soft Guards Hip Brace

  • Buy Soft Guards Hip Brace at the best price in Egypt.
  • Soft Guards Hip Brace is certified by the FDA.
  • Hip Abduction Brace For Adults is 100% original.
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  • Soft Guards Hip Brace is in new condition.

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Hip Abduction Brace | Soft Guards
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