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tendonitis wrist thumb

tendonitis wrist thumb | Dr.Ortho

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350.00 EGP

  • The thumb stabilizer is very important for thumb injuries.
  • The injuries can be a sprain or tear in the tendons or the ligaments.
  • A condition of a skier’s thumb is also very common.
  • the stabilizer limits the movement to stop the pain and allow the recovery.
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The tendonitis wrist thumb stabilizer is a great tool that helps with conditions of sprained thumb. It can be very beneficial for bruising and swelling.

it accelerates the healing process by providing heat and compression to the injured part. It helps to stimulate the blood circulation.

It stops the mobility of the thumb joint, to prevent any furtherer injury, and to align the thumb joint correctly with the soft tissue.

It reduces the swelling and promotes the treatment of inflammation, all result in reducing the pain.

It is also designed for the following conditions (Skier’s thumb):  a conditions where the tendons of the thumb finger are swollen, (de quirvain’s thumb).
a condition where the tendon where the thumb meets the wrist is injured, fractures, athletic incidents, thumb joint severe injury, and rheumatic diseases.

Sizes of Dr.Ortho tendonitis wrist thumb Stabilizer:

  • S, M, L, XL, XXL.

Properties of Dr.Ortho Thumb Stabilizer:

  • The thumb tendonitis brace is made of finest materials.
  • It doesn’t cause allergies, rash, nor irritation.
  • It is supplied with a metal support to immobilize the thumb and the wrist.
  • Easy to use.


  • The thumb stabilizer immobilizes the thumb and the wrist, resulting in limiting the range of motion of both the thumb and the wrist joints.
  • If you are sing OTC anti-inflammatories or as prescribed by the physician, the stabilizer will promote the effect of the medication greatly.
  • Having that said, once you immobilize an injured part, and allow it to heal, while following all the precaution of not carrying a heavy weight or making any wrong movement, your healing time will take less time.
  • The swelling and pain will be contained.
  • The inflammation will gradually heal.

Uses of Dr.Ortho Thumb Stabilizer:

  • The thumb stabilizer is used for thumb sprain.
  • De quirvaisn’s thumb (tendonitis).
  • Skier’s thumb (ligaments inflammation).
  • Severe pain and/or inflammation.
  • As a precaution for athletes.
  • Torsion.
  • Fractures.
  • Injuries of the soft tissues.
  • Immobilization of the thumb and the wrist.

Benefits of Dr.Ortho Thumb Stabilizer:

  • The thumb stabilizer will help you control the pain and promote the effect of the medication.
  • It will speed the recovery rate.
  • It will immobilize the injured areas to allow them to heal.


Dr.Ortho tendonitis wrist Thumb Stabilizer

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S, M, L, XL, XXL


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