Dr.Ortho Gel Stirrup Brace Ankle

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  • Gel stirrup Brace Ankle is for ankle injuries.
  • Acute athletic injuries.
  • mild and moderate ankle sprains.
  • Strains.
  • Chronic instability of the ankle joint.
  • Prevent side motion.
  • Postoperative stabilization.
  • Cooling Therapy.
  • Swelling and edema.
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Gel stirrup Brace Ankle is a special deign targets to prevent the lateral movement of the ankle.

It contains gel pads that can be put in the freezer to obtain cold therapy; cold therapy helps to reduce swelling and inflammation, it can also reduce and prevent the pain.

The brace is designed for acute sports traumas and injuries, it helps to avoid and treat ankle sprains and strains.

It is great for the conditions of ankle sprains as it prevents the lateral movement, which enhances the recovery for the sprained ankle.

It helps to stabilize the unstable ankle, mostly it is caused due to injured ligaments, ligaments are the bands that keep the ankle bones together.
When ligaments tear or becomes lax, they affect the movement dramatically, in addition to the feeling of balance.

It can be used to stabilize the ankle after medical operations.

Sizes of Dr.Ortho Gel stirrup Brace Ankle:

  • Unified size.

Properties of Dr.Ortho Gel stirrup Brace Ankle:

  • It is composed of gel pads, with option to cool them.
  • It contains straps to seal around the leg.
  • It is made of best materials that cause no skin allergies nor irritation.
  • It provides flexibility and stabilization to provide comfort and support movement prevention.


  • It is mainly used for ankle sprains.
  • And this special brace is great for ankle sprain condition, as it mainly prevents the joint to bend, twist, or move sideways.
  • This way it prevents re-injuries, in addition to allowing the body to start healing.
  • It is very suitable for the kind of injuries that occur to athletes.
  • It is also great for swelling and pain, as it has the ability to act as cooling poultice to reduce swelling and contain pain.
  • It also helps to treat and reduce the symptoms resulted from injured muscles and tendons.
  • Ligaments laxation is a condition where the ligaments are loose due to injury, it might take forever to heal if not supported well and quickly.

Uses of Dr.Ortho Gel stirrup Ankle Brace:

  • It is used for: Ankle mild and moderate sprains.
  • Strains.
  • Chronic ankle instability.
  • Soft tissues injuries: tendons and muscles.
  • Ligaments laxation.
  • Post-surgical rehabilitation.
  • Pain relief.
  • Swelling and edema treatment.
  • Cold therapy.
  • Acute sport injuries.
  • Ankle stabilization.
  • Prevention of re-injuries.
  • Prevention of lateral movement.

Benefits of Dr.Ortho Gel stirrup Ankle Brace:

  • It helps to maintain a stabilized ankle for the healing process.
  • It reduces the pain enormously to help the patient improve and follow up the treatment plan.
  • It makes the patient avoid re-injuries.
  • It support healing and rehabilitation by making the ankle rest and removing pressure and load off of it.

Dr.Ortho Gel stirrup Ankle Brace

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