Flamingo Foot Drop Splint

جبيرة سقوط القدم فلامينجو | Flamingo Foot Drop Splint

Flamingo Foot Drop Splint

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365.00 EGP

  • Flamingo Foot drop splint prevents the dropping of the foot when control is lost.
  • It helps to lift the foot in an orthogonal position.
  • It prevents the dragging of the foot.
  • It is used for cases of disability to move the ankle.
  • It is used in cases of paralysis that causes the inability to control the foot.
  • It is used in conditions such as burns in the feet.
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Flamingo Foot Drop Splint for treatment of Foot drop which is the loss of control of the ankle joint, it can happy due to various reasons, the most important thing is how to deal with the rehabilitation of the condition.

It is extremely important to wear Foot Drop splint, which will help to hold the foot and the ankle, providing protection and support against wrong movements and injuries of the ankle.

It will protect your ankle and foot while walking, as it won’t get dragged.

The issues that may cause the Foot drop: Neural or muscular Impairment or trauma, calf muscle abnormal contractions, burns, peripheral nerve analysis, surgeries, bone and muscle pain.

Sizes of Flamingo Foot Drop Splint:

  • S, M, L (R/L).

Properties of Foot Drop Brace:

  • Adjustable for better compression and hold.
  • Manufactured of a thin plastic chip that fits into sneakers.
  • Effective in holding the foot.


  • Foot Drop Splint is a medical tool used to hold the dropping foot that there is no capability of moving it.
  • It effectively holds the foot in a firm, practical and comfortable way, and it fits inside the sneakers.
  • The inability to control the ankle joint results in the foot drop condition, which if not supported will impair standing, walking, and all types of activities, in addition to the risk to hurt the ankle joint.

Uses of Flamingo Foot Drop Splint:

  • Stabilization/Holding of the ankle and/or the foot.
  • Postoperative rehabilitation.
  • Prevention of foot-dragging during movement.

Benefits of Flamingo Foot Drop Splint:

  • Foot Drop is an unfortunate incident, however, it is commonly treatable.
  • Foor Drop isn’t a disease itself, but more like a symptom of an underlying issue, once treated, one will regain the control to his ankle and foot once more.
  • Using Foot Drop Splint is imperative in this case, to keep the ankle joint protected, and to be able to move easily.
  • In fact, sometimes the reason to wear a drop foot splint is not due to a foot drop itself,
    it can be a part of a post-surgical rehabilitation plan, where stabilization of the foot and ankle is a must.
  • Moreover, it can be due to abnormality in the contractions of the calf muscle or other muscles connected to the ankle and the foot,
    it can also be a result of muscular fatigue and pain, where the ankle and the foot need to rest.

Flamingo Foot Drop Splint

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S, M, L


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