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Knee Immobilizer Splint | Tynor

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  • A knee immobilizer is a brace function to provide complete stabilization for the knee joint.
  • It serves as part of the post-surgical rehabilitation process.
  • It is used after knee joint replacement.
  • It is used during the process of fracture healing.
  • It can be used when bone slicers are removed.
  • The Knee immobilizer provides a 100% straight-line knee joint fixation.
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This type of knee immobilizer splint from tynor is designed not to leave any scope for a knee movement.

This type is practically used after knee replacement surgeries, for fracture healing. It is used in cases of Patellar dislocations.

Knee Immobilizer of this type is used succeeding big operations. The type of which transplantation occurs and adequate time is needed for the knee joint and the knee joint to adapt to it first.

During this time, a complete knee joint fixation is required for the proper healing and functionality of the patella and the knee joint.

It applies a convenient compression and to the injured area to avoid swelling and to improve the inflammation condition.

It may be used in certain conditions of knee joint degeneration, tendons and ligaments ruptures, and muscle impairment.

It aids pain alleviation and prevents the mobilization of the knee joint.

Size of knee immobilizer splint from tynor:

  • S, M, L, XL, XXL.

Features of Knee immobilizer brace:

  • It is composed of special fabric in order not to cause itching nor skin irritation.
  • It is provided with straps to adjust the knee Immobilizer to the idea compression.
  • It is stuffed with solid pillars to maintain a firm and steady knee joint fixation.
  • It can be used for certain muscle conditions.
  • It is easily wrapped around the knee joint.
  • Light weight.

Description of the knee immobilizer splint from tynor:

  • This knee immobilizer from Tynor is designed to prevent any scope of motion for the knee.
  • It ensures complete fixation of the knee joint.
  • It is used for the surgeries that use transplantations for a whole artificial knee joint or some of its parts, depending on the damage percentage of the knee joint.
  • It supports the healing process of muscles certain impairment.
  • It prevents wearing the knee joint down.
  • It relieves the stress affecting the knee joint to promote healing.

Uses of knee immobilizer splint from tynor:

  • For complete fixation the knee joint.
  • For fixation of the patellar tendon.
  • It provides adequate time so that tendons and ligaments heal and become properly connected to the patella.
  • It serves as a compressor factor, to help avoid swelling and irritation of the tissues.
  • It supports healing fractions.
  • It can be used for both legs.
  • The Knee immobilizer should be firmly held around the knee joint providing adequate compression, avoiding being too tight, to prevent swelling and blood confinement.
  • The healthcare provider should show you the most suitable position.

Benefits of knee immobilizer:

  • It helps fix the knee joint, especially after knee joint replacement.
  • Using this knee immobilizer, you prevent any re-injuries to occur, and you eliminate any range of motion.
  • It provides sustained support for an active healing process for the tendons, ligaments, bones, joints, and patella.

It can be used instead of bone splicing.

Knee immobilizer splint | Tynor

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