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Knee Immobilizer Brace | WellCare

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  • Knee immobilizer is used after any type of surgery in the knee.
  • It is used in cases of ligaments or tendons medical operations.
  • It is used after knee flexion (Patellofemoral Syndrome).
  • The knee immobilizer helps to stabilize the knee motion completely.
  • It supports the knee joint and helps to fix it.
  • It is used after knee dislocation, patellar dislocation, or after any other knee injury.
  • It is used in cases of early removal of bone splicer.
  • It is used in cases of fractures.

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Knee Immobilizer Brace from Wellcare serves as the main support for the knee’s healing directly after surgeries. It aids rightful rehabilitation by providing an entire fixation for the knee joint, to prevent any motion range, subsequently promoting the healing process.

Knee immobilizer will aid your first movement after 24hours of the surgery or as directed by the physician or therapist.

The knee immobilizer is supported with metal pillars for providing the needed compression for the knee and full a complete fixation of the joint.

Knee immobilizer promotes the healing of tendons and ligaments post surgeries, due to the fixation and support it sustains.

It is used in cases of Patellofemoral syndrome, which is a localized pain with each flexion and extension of the knee, it occurs due to inflammation in the patella causing friction between the bottom of the patella (underneath kneecap) and the femoral condyle (the end of the thigh bone).

Knee immobilizer is generally used as a safe and easily removed support post all knee surgeries, it also aids the cases of fractures, inflammations and pain-relieving.


Sizes of Knee Immobilizer Brace Wellcare:

  • S/ M/ L/ XL.

Features of Knee Immobilizer:

  • Knee immobilizer is composed of processed materials to prevent skin allergies.
  • It is composed of high-quality durable materials.
  • It encloses straps to seize it tightly.
  • It is supported by solid pillars to provide suitable compression and complete knee joint fixation.
  • It is lined with a cushioning layer, to provide comfort for the patient.
  • It is easily put on and removed.

Description of Knee Immobilizer Brace Wellcare:

  • Knee immobilizer serves as a supporting tool that a person with knee injury needs to be equipped with.
  • It provides full and continuous knee fixation and compression, to promote the healing process.
  • It helps the patient avoid re-injury in the knees, tendons, ligaments, or patella.
  • It provides stability for bones to heal properly with no deformity in cases of fractures.
  • Knee immobilizer compensates bone splicers, furthermore, it comes in handy for knee or patellar dislocation.
  • It grants sufficient stability for tendons and ligaments to heal, without having any step backs.
  • It is very useful at the beginning of the post-surgical rehabilitation process, to control pain, promote healing and prop walking and sitting.

Uses of Knee Immobilizer splint Wellcare:

  • Wellcare Knee immobilizer Brace is used post knee surgeries.
  • It is used in conditions of (Patellofemoral syndrome, ligaments, and tendons injuries, Knee flexion, fractures, patellar and knee dislocation, muscle cramps, and tendons inflammation).
  • Knee immobilizer serves as the stabilizer of the knee joint, its role is to prevent any motion range, to allow the knee to heal properly.
  • It avoids the patient re-injuries that may result from wrong movements.
  • It is handy, as it can be removed during slight movement if instructed by the therapist for rehabilitation purposes.
  • It is very important for aiding the patient walking after surgery.
  • It provides sustained support for the quadriceps, knee joint, tendons and ligaments.

Benefits of Knee Immobilizer Brace Wellcare:

  • Knee injuries and accidents are very common, especially for athletes, elders, children and people with extra-weight.
  • If the knee is not supported properly, re-injury or joint deformity may occur.
  • It is advisable for patients with a knee injury or post knee surgery to use the Knee immobilizer.
  • Knee immobilizer supplies adequate pressure to the knee joint, to control and alleviate pain.
  • It accelerates the healing process by preventing knee joint movement.
  • It grants competent time for proper healing from knee and patellar dislocation.
  • It eases the inflammation of the tendons and the muscles.

It facilitates the idea of using immobilizing support and removing it instantly with no special needs.

Knee Immobilizer Brace Wellcare

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