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  • Foot orthosis device.
  • Posterior foot up brace.
  • Drop foot orthotics brace.
  • Peripheral paralysis.
  • Ankle and Shin orthosis.
  • Ankle sprain and muscle strain.
  • Fibula bone support.
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AFO Leaf Spring is a drop foot brace that helps to keep the foot up, it used for drop foot orthotics.

AFO Leaf Spring is a foot orthosis that helps in the rehabilitation and treatment of the drop foot condition.

Drop foot is a difficulty lifting the front part of the foot (forefoot) which directly affects walking and standing. This condition is only a consequence or a symptom to several diseases and incidents, which are the following (Fibular nerve damage, plantar fasciitis, MS, Muscle trauma, spinal cord injury, stroke, birth defect, anatomical abnormality, Charcot-Marie disease, genetic spastic paraplegia, CP (cerebral palsy), and Ornah Friedrich’s disease).

This drop foot brace enables you to lift the foot up and stabilizes it. It can be set into the sneakers.

It is very helpful for conditions of an ankle sprain, shin pain (tibia), and muscle pain (calf muscle).

It makes the ankle and the foot stable in order to alleviate the pain and allow the injured apart to heal.

The foot up brace corrects the foot position during walking.

Sizes of AFO Leaf Spring| Drop foot brace:

  • S, M, L.

Properties of AFO Leaf Spring| Drop foot brace:

  • It is made of polypropylene (molded through injection).
  • The foot up brace is light-weighted, strong, and just about the desired flexibility.
  • It is a posterior drop foot orthosis that’s designed to provide a dorsiflexion positioning.
  • The foot up brace is thin and can be worn while wearing sneakers.
  • Adjustable and effective in lifting the drop foot.


  • AFO Leaf Spring is a posterior foot up orthotics medical device that helps to correct the position of the drop foot to aid proper walking.
  • The drop foot itself is only a symptom of another disease, so, the foot up brace helps to reduce that symptom to facilitate walking and standing. If the original issue wasn’t treated then it is imperative to wear the foot up orthotics brace continuously.
  • Above is mentioned the various conditions that can lead to the “drop foot condition”, however, the foot up orthosis is used in cases of ankle sprains, muscle (calf) ache and strain, and shin (tibial pain) splints.
  • Those issues can be treated by wearing the foot up orthotics brace while following the instructions of the physician and the therapist.

Uses of AFO Leaf Spring | Drop foot brace:

  • The foot up orthosis is used to correct the position of the forefoot during standing and walking.
  • The posterior drop foot brace helps to reduce the pain of the calf muscle strain and ease the spasm.
  • It reduces ankle pain and helps to treat the ankle joint sprain.
  • It puts the foot in a dorsiflexion position, to adjust the forefoot and facilitate walking.

Benefits of AFO Leaf Spring | Drop foot brace:

  • Several issues and diseases cause a “drop foot condition”.
  • In this condition the individual is incapable to lift up the forefoot.
  • The foot up brace helps to lift the foot and stabilize its position to facilitate the motion of walking.
  • It helps treat the ankle sprains and execute the lying weight on it.
  • It provides compression to the calf muscle, which reduces its pain.
  • It is thin, and you can wear it inside your sneakers.
  • It can enhance the rehabilitation process of the “drop foot condition”.

AFO Leaf Spring | Drop foot brace

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