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  • The night splint is a drop foot splint used to help lift the foot and stabilize its position.
  • For Achilles tendon rupture.
  • For Plantar fasciitis.
  • For ankle sprains.
  • For foot pain.
  • For inability to life the forefoot.
  • To stabilize the foot in perpendicular position with the leg.

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Pneumatic Night Splint is a drop foot night splint. A drop foot is a condition can happen due to various reasons, the drop foot is the symptom not the disease.

The drop foot is the inability to move the forefoot or to lift it. It can happen due to Achilles tendon cut.

It can also happen due to nerve damages, where an individual loses the control over his/her foot.

It can also happen as a consequence of muscle weakness or paralysis. And it is commonly known to happen due to nerve compression in the leg that is responsible for the forefoot muscle movement.

In rare cases it can happen due to disk bulges that gets on contact with the lower area of the spinal cord.

The splint helps to lift the foot and to stabilize its position. It is also useful in the case of plantar fasciitis.

It helps to relief the pain, and to provide the needed compression to facilitate healing.

It helps the movement of the injured individuals; they can walk easier.

In case of heel inflammation, it helps to reduce the pain and treat the inflammation.

Sizes of Pneumatic Night Splint:

  • Suits the left and the right foot.
  • Available sizes: S, M, L, XL.

Properties of Pneumatic Night Splint:

  • The drop foot night splint contains an installed air bump system that reduces pain.
  • It helps to reduce the pain related to the plantar fasciitis (heel spur).
  • With a high quality lining of the finest fabrics.
  • With a base that resists slipping.


  • The drop foot night splint is a great way to lift up the foot through the night.
  • It helps to reduce pain and relief the weight placed on the foot.
  • It helps in cases of ankle sprains and foot injuries.
  • It helps to reduce the pain of the foot resulting from effort and long-time standing.
  • It provides comfort to the foot soft tissues and ankle joint.
  • It makes the movement easier and helps to control the foot in a fixed position.

Uses of Pneumatic Night Splint:

  • The drop foot night splint for drop foot condition.
  • For ankle sprain (mild and moderate).
  • For foot pain.
  • For soft tissues injuries.
  • For plantar fasciitis (Heel spur).
  • For heel inflammation and spurs.
  • Provides air bumping support to induce pain relief and inflammation treatment.

Benefits of Night Splint:

  • The drop foot night splint helps you to control the movement of the foot.
  • It stabilizes the foot position.
  • It reduces the pain.
  • It treats the inflammation.
  • It reduces the heel inflammation due to plantar fasciitis.

Pneumatic Night Splint

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S, M, L, XL


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