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  • To reposition and fix the foot in case of (foot drop).
  • Wear it in comfortable modern shoes.
  • It holds the frontal part of the foot.
  • The splint is used whenever there is a drop foot.
  • Makes the walking, standing, and moving around .
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Tynor Foot Drop Splint is a very practical and helpful tool, it lifts the frontal part of the foot, for a patient doesn’t have the ability to make it move.

Drop Foot can happen due to several reasons:

  • Nerve injury: mainly due to compression on a nerve in the leg (peroneal nerves)
  • Some huge disk pulges when they come in contact with the spinal cord.
  • Pinched nerve injury.
  • It happens due to muscle and nerve disorders, such as; muscular dystrophy and muscle weakness,
  • Finally, it can happen due to happen a problem in the foot itself.

Mainly, Drop foot is a problem related to the nervous system, where a person is unable to lift up the ankle. The splint allows you to lift up the frontal part, unless you do so, the patient will have  to drag his foot.

The injury is either from the origin, which is the nerve responsible for signaling the muscle, or it is the motor, that there is an injury in the muscle that moves the front foot.

Both ways, a Tynor Foot Drop Splint is a must, to be able to position your foot rightfully.

Sizes of Tynor Foot Drop Splint:

  • (S, M, L.)

Properties of Tynor Foot Drop Brace:

  • Very effective in lifting the foot.
  • Tynor Foot Drop Splint contains a thin hard plastic chip, and supplied with a reciprocating movement.
  • Adjustable.
  • Wear only comfortable modern shoes.


  • Drop foot is a symptom that reflects a disease.
  • If a patient didn’t care about the drop foot, it might become permanent.
  • The splint holds your foot in a 90 degree angle with your leg.

Uses of Tynor Foot Drop Splint:

  • It is used to support the position of the foot and hold it on a square angle, it happens in the following conditions.
  • Nerve injury, of the nerve responsible for the frontal foot movement is injured or damaged, then it will no longer work.
  • Muscle disorder: muscle weakness progression.
  • Brain or spinal cord disorders (ALS, MS).
  • Prevention of foot drop.
  • For temporary and permanent nerve impairment.
  • For stabilizing the ankle and the foot.
  • For post-surgical rehabilitation of the front part of the foot.

Benefits of Tynor Foot Drop Splint:

  • It will help you stabilize the foot, and it won’t cause irritation.
  • It will help you walk and move around easily.
  • It works as a support for the ankle and the foot..

Tynor Foot Drop Splint

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