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  • The dorsolumbar spinal brace is a back brace for the thoracolumbar area of the backbone.
  • It supports the back muscles and joints.
  • It lifts off the stress and relives pain.
  • It helps with disc herniation conditions and negates with its consequences.
  • It corrects shoulders positioning.
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The Dorsolumbar spinal braces is a full back brace support for supporting the thoracolumbar and dorsolumbar areas of the spine.

It greatly supports the muscles and joints, which lead to relieving the pain and stress placed on the back.

The brace supports your back, starting from the middle and all the way down.
It also corrects the shoulder posture, as well as the collarbone.

The brace stretches your shoulders to straighten them, to help correcting the rounded shoulder or the hunch back posture.

It reduces the pain of the back, the back can originate from different sources,
it can be due to inflammation, herniated disc or disc bugle, stress over the nerves,
it can be due to a tightened area between the vertebrae causing bone rubbing against each other.

It helps with cases of lordosis and kyphosis, as it puts the shoulders and the back into correct positioning, by straightening them, while supporting the muscles, joints, and bones.

It relieves the pain originated from fatigue, extra stress, and effort.

It helps to avoid condition of disc bulges or degeneration, especially for those who carry heavy things, or play exaggerated sports.

Sizes of Flamingo full back brace support:

  • S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL.

Properties of Flamingo Dorsolumbar Spinal Brace:

  • The full back brace support for thoracolumbar  is made of finest fabrics.
  • It is highly elastic, comfortable, and breathable.
  • It provides compression and warmth to treat inflammation.
  • It covers the dorsolumbar area, as well as, the upper part of the sacral area.


  • The Flamingo Dorsolumbar Spinal Brace is designed to anatomically be suitable for the dorsolumbar and thoracolumbar areas.
  • Its purpose is plainly to correct back and shoulders postures, to relieve pain and extra stress, to help the treatment of herniated disc conditions, and it can help to avoid the progression of the illnesses and the intense sport practice.
  • Between each 2 vertebrae, there found a type of connective tissue called the ligament, it connects the bones together, as well as, the bones and muscles.
  • When the ligaments separating the vertebrae gets squeezed, teared or herniated, the condition causes great pain, it can impair the normal movement for a while, and it causes inflammation and muscle cramps.
  • Another type of back illnesses is kyphosis and lordosis, they are described as bending of the backbone towards 3 directions (back wise, front wise, and sidewise). That bending harm the muscles, soft tissues and joints massively, and the impact can last forever.
  • Any type of injury cause pain and inflammation to the injured tissue.
  • This why you should use the back brace for any of the previously mentioned conditions, in addition to sports related injuries or to avoid some.
  • It is also suitable for the condition of rounded shoulders that happens due to a wrong position you take for long times, especially if it was your job.

Uses of Flamingo full back brace support :

  • The Back brace for thoracolumbar  is used for postoperative rehabilitation.
  • Back posture correction.
  • Shoulders posture correction.
  • Pain and extra-stress relief.
  • Whole back and shoulders support.
  • Abdominal muscle support.
  • Reducing the angles of hunch back, round shoulders and all bending conditions.

Benefits of Flamingo Dorsolumbar Spinal Brace:

  • The full back brace support for thoracolumbar is a privilege you use for your sake.
  • It will improve the inner suffering and the outer appearance.
  • Don’t miss out on saving your back.

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S, M, L, XL, XXL

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