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  • The Hinged Knee brace is very important in the conditions of knee joint sprains.
  • It reduces excessive knee pressure and decreases pain.
  • It can be used post knee joint surgeries while rehabilitating.
  • It helps you avoid knee joint torsion.
  • It is very helpful in cases of tendons and ligaments’ inflammation.
  • It relieves the weight of the knee.
  • It can be used for knee stiffness.
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Dr.Ortho Hinged Knee Brace protects your knee against extra stress, it alleviates the burden and allows the joint to rest.

Resting the joint is very important when suffering from stiff and inflamed knee, it comes in handy for easing the pain.

It is also a very beneficial tool when curing patellar luxation.

A sufficient support period will aid you to recover fully from inflammation.

This brace provides support mainly in conditions of moderate injuries, but it also can be useful in certain postoperative rehabilitation programs.

Sizes of Dr.Ortho Hinged Knee Brace:

  • S, M, L, XL, XXL.

Properties of Hinged Knee brace:

  • Opened around the patellar region.
  • Made of Neoprene (Super-elastic material, doesn’t react chemically and does not result in any discomfort, allergies, or itching.
  • It contains straps to customize the brace size completely.
  • Easy to use.
  • Elastic in nature, allowing the knee to move freely.


  • Use The Hinged Knee brace when you are feeling pain in cases of sprain, tear, or torn.
  • It is used to lift the weight off of the knee.
  • It provides stabilization for the Patella’s bone.
  • It decreases the angle range of the knee to induce tendons’, ligaments’ and cartilages’ healing.
  • It can be used for post knee surgeries rehabilitation.
  • It is used in conditions of mild knee stiffness and mild and moderate inflammation.

Uses of Dr.Ortho Hinged Knee Brace:

  • Provides support for cases of knee joints instability.
  • It improves the healing process ratio.
  • It is used in conditions of joint sprains.
  • It is used for healing patellar luxation.
  • It is used to support compression to reduce stress over the knee.
  • It decreases pain and inflammation.
  • It is used in cases of knee operations, as part of the rehabilitation plan.

Benefits of Dr.Ortho Hinged Knee Brace:

  • When you use a support brace when injured, you are protecting your knee against the following consequences:
  • Excessive knee joint effort.
  • Fixing the patella to allow the healing process of the dislocation.
  • It provides time for patients to recover fully.
  • It reduces inflammation and pain.
  • It is also used to ease knee stiffness.
  • It would help in cases of inflammation, mild cartilage degeneration, and mild and moderate knee injuries.

Dr.Ortho Hinged Knee Brace

  • Buy hinged knee support at the best price in Egypt.
  • short hinged knee brace is certified by the FDA.
  • neoprene hinged knee brace is 100% original.
  • Get neoprene hinged knee brace now and enjoy our best deals.
  • Dr.Ortho Hinged Knee Brace is in a new condition.

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S, M, L, XL, XXL

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