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Clavicle Posture Correction | WellCare

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350.00 EGP

  • The clavicle support is a posture corrector stretching support.
  • It corrects the cams or the hunch.
  • It helps in cases of collarbone injuries.
  • It helps in correcting and supporting the correct position of the shoulders.
  • It helps with collarbone and shoulder pain.
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The Clavicle support is a medical Posture correction helps in many conditions related to collarbone injuries, hunchback, and wrong positions of the shoulders.

When an injury occurs, as fracture or cracks of the collarbone the support will help to keep the bone together, to help the crystals cells to heal, and it also helps to control the pain and to prevent the shoulders movement, by which, stabilizing the collarbone allowing it to heal.

It is a great method to help with cases if hunchback, the hunchback is a kyphosis in the spine, in other words, it means that the upper backbone is bended outwardly.

It supports the wring shoulders positions and its muscle weakness, the support helps to stretch the shoulders straight back, so, it enhances the effect of the exercises and improves the appearance significantly.

Especially, for individuals who are in a stable position for long hours on daily basis are at risk of having a rotated shoulder,
and it can worsen the kyphosis. So, it is important to exercise and use the corrector support in the mentioned conditions, in order to keep a great health.


Sizes of Clavicle Support:

  • S, M, L, XL.

Properties of Clavicle Posture correction:

  • The Posture correction is made of elastic fabric to provide comfort.
  • It is made of finest materials that don’t cause allergies, irritation, or itching.
  • It contains a sticky lace to make wearing the support or taking it off an easy process.


  • The posture corrector helps to correct posture of the shoulders and the hunch back, in addition to promoting the healing of the collarbone, in case of fractures or cracks.
  • The main mechanism for all of those conditions is stabilization of the shoulders in a correct position.
  • This way, if you suffer from round shoulder, this support will help you to straighten back your shoulders, and making the body get used to the correct posture, as well as, strengthening the muscles.
  • In case of the hunchback, it helps to improve the kyphosis and decrease the degree of the outward bending.
  • The stabilization of the shoulders will help reduce the pain and the inflammation resulted from the wrong positions or the inflammation.

Uses of Clavicle Support Posture correction:

  • The Posture correction is used for Collarbone fractures and cracks.
  • For treatment and supporting round shoulders.
  • Strengthening of the shoulders and upper back muscles
  • Helps in the treatment of the hunchback condition.
  • For stabilization of the shoulders and the collarbone.
  • For post-surgical rehabilitation.
  • Posture correction.
  • Reduce pain and inflammation.

Benefits of Clavicle Support:

  • It will enhance the treatment of the collarbone.
  • It will improve the appearance of the shoulders and the back.
  • The Posture correction helps to reduce pain and inflammation, so you start feeling more comfortable and with less pain to start exercising or treatment.

Clavicle Support:

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  • Clavicle Support is certified by the FDA.
  • Clavicle Support is 100% original.
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  • Clavicle Support is in a new condition.

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S, M, L, XL


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