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  • The elbow strap mainly is a golf – tennis elbow strap.
  • It is convenient for athletes to reduce their injury repetitions.
  • It immobilizes the elbow to reduce the pressure and weight.
  • It is for mild to slightly moderate injuries, and is used as a precaution.
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The tennis elbow strap is a support for your elbow and induces healing, especially important for athletes.

It helps to avoid future injuries, such as tendon and ligaments injuries, and the torsion of the elbow due to sports movements.

It slightly immobilizes the elbow allowing it to heal, and preventing it from baring the weight or being placed under pressure.

It can be used while moving and exercising, it will improve the physical performance experience, by reducing pressure and pain and avoiding re-injuries to an originally injured elbow.

The compression the strap applies to the elbow is a physical technique stimulates the blood circulation, allowing a better delivery for nutrients to the injured tissues, making them heal faster.

Sizes of Tennis elbow strap WellCare:

  • S, M, L, XL.

Properties of Elbow Strap WellCare:

  • The tennis elbow strap is made of neoprene, which is an elastic chemical material that doesn’t start any chemical reactions.
  • It causes no allergies nor irritation.
  • It applies compression and heat to the injured area to stimulate the circulation.
  • It can be used during physical exercise; it won’t prevent the movement.


  • The golf – tennis elbow strap, is not for only those sports, but it is for any athlete whose main sporting movement applies a pressure over the elbow (Hockey, baseball, Rowing … etc.
  • It helps to prevent the future or re-injuries if you use it as a precaution.
  • It slightly immobilizes the joint to reduce pain and to allow the injured tendon, ligaments, muscles, or any soft tissue to heal.
  • It reduces inflammation and alleviates discomfort.

Uses of Elbow Strap WellCare:

  • The tennis elbow is used for athletic elbow injuries.
  • For the players who use their elbows a lot, it helps to avoid re-injuries.
  • For players of (Gymnasts, baseball, hockey, tennis, golfers, rowers, racket, …etc).
  • For mild to slightly moderate elbow injuries.
  • Slight immobilization of the elbow joint.
  • Applying compression and stimulation of the blood circulation.

Benefits of Elbow Strap WellCare:

  • The tennis elbow strap will help athletes be in shape.
  • It will reduce pain and the feeling discomfort, which can be really annoying.
  • It will reduce inflammation.


Elbow Strap WellCare

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