Shoulder Support Tynor

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Shoulder Support Tynor

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550.00 EGP

·         For shoulder joint.

·         to decrease inflammation, and pain.

·         made of best quality materials.

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Tynor shoulder support

Product information

·         Production of Tynor, India.

·         For shoulder joint.

·         To decrease inflammation, and pain.

·         Made of best quality materials.


Tynor shoulder support review

Tynor shoulder support is designed to provide protection and support to injured shoulder joints. As it keeps shoulder joint warm and elastic.

It is anatomically designed to provide a unified and firm compression around the shoulder joint.

It is made of Neoprene of great quality, with superior filler or limning of Nylon.

The design of tynor shoulder support is adjustable and allows you to control its compression level completely.


Shoulder Support Tynor properties

·         Tynor shoulder support is easy to put on and off.

·         It is made of best quality materials that are skin friendly and anti-allergic.

·         Tynor shoulder support is flexible in all directions.

·         It is elastic, doesn’t prevent movement.

·         Tynor shoulder support suits booth right and left arms.


Shoulder Support Tynor uses

·         Tynor shoulder support provides warmth, protection, sufficient compression and flexibility to the shoulder joint.

·         It helps in treating shoulder joint sprains, strains and inflammation.

·         Tynor shoulder support also helps in cases of tissues, ligaments and tendons inflammation.

·         Tynor shoulder support helps in all types of injuries and disorders related to the shoulder joint.

·         It also helps in cases of dislocated and unstable shoulder joint.

·         Tynor shoulder support protects the shoulder against any future injuries.


Shoulder Support Tynor usage instructions

·         Use the tynor shoulder support when described by a certified qualified specialized physician.

·         discontinue use of tynor shoulder support if any of those symptoms occurred:

·         Sensory limitation.

·         Low circulation.

·         Allergies, rashes, or hives appeared.

·         If the pain kept on increasing.

·         If you are using another medical device regularly, it is best to consult your physician.

·         The abuse of using this device may lead to contrary results.

Tynor shoulder support washing instructions

·         It is to be used by hand with water and soap, and leave to dry in air.


Availability: 8 in stock SKU: ORTHO20 Categories: , , Brand: