Flamingo clavicle support belt

clavicle support belt

Flamingo clavicle support belt

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185.00 EGP

  • Clavicle support.
  • Treat cracks and fractures of the collarbones.
  • Treats curvature of the back.
  • Back support and fixation.
  • Rehabilitation of the back and shoulders after surgeries.
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Flamingo clavicle support belt stabilizes and treat clavicle fractures, adjust the curvature and straightening of the back, and fix the back in the correct position.

Benefits and uses of the Flamingo Clavicle Support Belt

  • The collarbone support belt is used to treat fractures of the collarbones.
  • Corrects and straightens the shoulders.
  • The wishbone support belt aligns the collarbones in the correct position.
  • The collar bone splint treats the curved and convex back.
  • Back fixation and support.
  • Rehabilitation of the back and shoulders after surgeries.
  • Corrects the position of the back and shoulders caused by standing or sitting for long periods of time incorrectly.

Features of the Flamingo clavicle support belt

  • Provides easy movement of the arms.
  • Designed with wide straps for patient comfort.
  • Providing pressure on the collarbones.
  • The wishbone strap has a hook and loop fastener in the back.

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Wishbone Support Belt Sizes

  • Small: 75-85 CMS
  • Medium: 85-95 CMS
  • Large: 85-95 CMS
  • X Large: 85-95 CMS
  • 2X Large: 85-95 CMS
  • 3X Large: 125-135 CMS

How to determine and choose the size of the clavicle support belt

  • First, measure the circumference of the chest
  • Second: Choose the most suitable size for you from the previous sizes, based on the size of the chest circumference.

How to wear clavicle support belt

  • Unfold the belt and place the pillow on the back and the shoulder blades over the patient’s shoulders.
  • Pull the brace implants from the front to the back from under the armpit.
  • Pass the implants from the mounting clip located in the center of the bracket in the back and fasten them.
  • Ensure that the patient is sized appropriately and that the brace does not create excessive pressure.
  • The shoulders should be pulled back without any pain or discomfort.

Flamingo clavicle support price

Available at El doctorz at a discounted price, 185 جنيه مصري per piece. 

Where is the collar bone located?

The collarbones are located at the top of the front of the chest wall, just above the first rib of the rib cage.

Get the Flamingo clavicle support belt to get the best treatment for collarbone fractures and annotations and spinal rehabilitation, and you can buy it directly or contact us by phone or WhatsApp from the following number


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