Flamingo compact spinal brace

1.250,00 EGP

  • Reducing pain caused by sciatica.
  • Reducing pressure on the vertebrae of the spine.
  • Preventing herniated disc while driving.
  • Back straightening and rehabilitation after surgeries.
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The Flamingo compact spinal brace Brace supports relieve and rehabilitates the post-operative spine with its design and shape.

Benefits and uses of the flamingo compact spinal brace

  • Reducing sciatica pain caused by inflammation, spinal injury, or pressure on nerves.
  • The built-in spine brace helps straighten the back and tighten the muscles of the body.
  • Helps differentiate the vertebrae and relieve pressure on them.
  • Back splints and supports help give you a feeling of comfort and relaxation.
  • Helps relieve the pain of herniated disc problems.
  • An integrated spine belt relieves anterior pelvic rotation.
  • Reduce and prevent the possibility of the herniated disc while driving.
  • Relieves pressure on the slipped discs and puts them back in place.
  • The medical belt for the spine relieves the bulges in the lumbar, sacral and cervical vertebrae.
  • Reducing pain, muscle cramps, numbness and giving a sense of comfort.
  • The medical belt for the spine qualifies the back and relieves its pain after surgical operations.

Features of the Flamingo Compact Spine Brace

  • Provides support, compression, and stabilization for the spine.
  • Spine support allows easy breathing.
  • Comes with a lumbar pad.
  • Support weak lumbar muscles in the back.
  • Made of the finest fabric.
  • Flexible and gives comfort.
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How to clean the Flamingo Compact Spine Belt

Hand wash with mild detergent and water at room temperature.

Leave to dry in the shade and on a flat surface.

How to wear and use the Flamingo Compact Spine Brace

First: measure the circumference of the chest.

Second: Choosing the right size of the built-in spinal belt

Built-in Spine Belt Sizes

  • Small: 75-85 cms
  • Medium: 85-95 cms
  • Large: 95-105 cms
  • X Large: 105-115 cms
  • 2X Large: 115-125 cms
  • 3X Large: 125-135 cms

Third: Wearing an integrated spinal brace

  • Loosen the straps of the compact spinal brace and place it on the back.
  • Fasten the front belts for the integrated spine belt.
  • Pull the shoulders of the brace from front to back by passing it from under the armpit.
  • Bring them in two different directions and pull them back to the front.
  • Attach them together at the front with masking tape.

Flamingo compact spinal brace price

Available at El doctorz at a discounted price, 1250EGP per piece. 

Get the Flamingo Compact Spine Brace from Drs.com for the best treatment and rehabilitation of the spine in addition to providing comfort and relaxation.

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