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lumbar back pain relief belt

Lumbar Back Pain Relief Belt | Tynor

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550.00 EGP

  • Lumbar Back Pain Relief Belt is a back brace designed to treat low back pain.
  • For lumbo-sacral support.
  • It helps to relieve the stress placed on the lower back and to reduce the low back pain syndrome.
  • It improves and corrects the wrong posture.
  • It reduces the stress over the back nerves.
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Lumbar Back Pain Relief Belt support is a Back brace designed for the region of lumbo-sacral vertebrae.

The brace or the belt serves as a support to the lower backbone muscles and vertebrae. It distributes the weight and effort load to be on the abdominal muscles in addition to the back muscles.

It helps to avoid and treat discs injures or the stress over back nerves.
It reduces the low back pain syndrome, which results from various reasons,
so the best thing that the belt provides is the support and compression to the muscles and the bones.
This way it helps correcting the bending or wrong posture of the backbone,
it releases the load placed over the nervous, which may cause pain, inflammation, and numbness.

It helps to protect against disc injuries such as protrusions and bulges. It can help the treatment to correct lower back lordosis (bending).

It can be used for conditions of weak back muscles.


Sizes of lumbar back pain relief belt:

  • S, M, L, XL, XXL.

Properties of lumbar back pain relief belt:

  • The lumbar back pain relief belt is made of a posture correcting fabric that is highly permeable.
  • It contains and elastic layer that is highly durable and heat resistant.
  • It is provided with a hooked buckle to improve and adjust the compression.
  • On the back, the brace contains Nylon and polypropylene laces to enhance the stability of the belt, and the belt takes the form of the body once put on.


  • The lumbo-sacral vertebrae is the lower back region.
  • When the muscles are weak or the soft tissues like ligaments, tendons, or cartilages are affected, the individual will suffer from back pain, that may lead to leg pain as well.
  • There might be an extra stress placed over the nerves of the lower part of the back, this will distribute the feelings of pain, numbness, and will cause inflammation.
  • Sometimes a patient may suffer from stiffness, where the cartilage that serves as a mediator or a like a rubber padding prevents the bones of the vertebrae to rub against each other causing pain and stiffness. Stiffness occurs when there is a narrowing of the vertebral inner space or if the cartilage is injured by tearing or degeneration.
  • The belt helps to avoid the injury or its worsening, it also helps reduce inflammation and pain, and it provides support for the muscles as well.
  • It can help in the case of sciatica, which is a common issue for a lot of people, especially during and after pregnancy, and for individuals who carry heavy things, or do efforts reflect the load on the back muscles, which may lead to its fatigue.

Uses of Contoured L.S. Support:

  • The lumbar back pain relief belt helps to treat low back pain syndrome.
  • It reduces inflammation and pain.
  • It helps with conditions of weak muscles and sciatica.
  • It reduces the weight load over the vertebrae and the soft tissues, by providing support through applying adequate compression.
  • It reduces the stress over the nerves, which improves the access of nutrition to that part, accordingly enhancing the recovery or the healing.
  • It distributes the weight and load over abdominal and back muscles together.

Benefits of lumbar back pain relief belt Support:

  • It will accelerate the recovery process.
  • It will prevent re-injuries.
  • It will provide support for the bones, joints, and soft tissues.
  • It will release the stress and provide adequate compression for maximum pain relif.


Lumbar Back Pain Relief Belt

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S, M, L, XL, XXL


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