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  • Short-Air-Walker is a medical shoe used for diabetic feet.
  • It helps in cases of feet fractures.
  • It helps in cases of diabetic sores, and to control the swelling.
  • It is used after feet surgeries for rehabilitation.
  • It helps reduce the swelling of the feet.
  • It is very helpful for cases of severe ankle sprains.
  • It is also helpful in treating hallux valgus.
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Short Air Walking Boot WellCare is a medical device for the feet that reflects enormously on the foot condition.

The short air will specifically aid the diabetic feet, a diabetic individual experiences a lot of painful episodes when diagnosed with diabetic feet. They are also susceptible to sprain their ankles very easily. The Short-Air-Walker medical shoe will help control the pain, the swelling, and even the feet sires.

It also helps to decline the predicate weight over the knee to allow the joint to rest. Resting the first step toward healing.

It is used after surgeries of the feet, it keeps the burden off the ankle, and supports the initial movement of the patient.

It stabilizes the joint itself, and facilitate the general movement of the leg in cases of ankle sprains, feet fractures, and feet surgeries.

It accelerates the healing of soft tissues’ injuries. When muscles, cartilages, or tendons are exposed to a trauma they cause pain and walking issues. Short-Air-Walker will enhance the healing and will facilitate the motion and decrease the pain.

The Short Air Walking Boot WellCare medical shoe aids cases of (Neuropathy ulcers and bunionectomy) it would ease the pain and contain the edema including various swelling patterns.

Sizes of Short Air Walking Boot WellCare:

  • S / M / L / XL.

Properties of Short-Air-Walker:

  • It is made of hard polymer, including bilateral metal pillars.
  • It is provided with an air system that allows the patient to control the compression level on the foot.
  • The linning is made of best quality processed fabrics, that don’t cause allergy not itching. It feels comfortable and delicate on the skin.


  • Short Air Walking Boot WellCare is used for reducing and controlling the pain.
  • It is used for rehabilitation, as it provides 2 features:
    1. The stabilization of the foot to prevent re-injuries and to allow the healing process to start.
    2. It provides adequate compression to ease the pain and to assist the initial movement.
  • It can adapt to different swelling patterns and controls the swelling until it is completely declined.
  • It reduces the pain, ulcers, and sprain for diabetic feet as well as enhancing active healing.
  • It corrects the Hallux Valgus condition, it is a painful lateral deviation of the big toe.
  • It is used to fix the ankle and the feet bones in cases of fractures.
  • It provides support for the correct mechanical movement to enhance the healing of soft tissues.
  • It reduces edema and swelling along the healing progression process that cause variable swelling patterns.
  • It eases the pain and provides protection from excessive stress for cases of Neuropathy ulcers and bunionectomy.

Uses of Short Air Walking Boot WellCare:

  • For feet fractures fixation.
  • To ease ankle joint sprains.
  • For soft tissue trauma.
  • Treatment of Diabetic and Neuropathy ulcers.
  • Correction of Hallux Valgus condition.
  • Postoperative stabilization.
  • Decreasing swelling and edema.
  • Controlling and reducing diabetic feet pain.
  • Athletes with fatigue feet.
  • In the case of a bunionectomy, to ease pain and control swelling.

Benefits of Short Air Walking Boot WellCare:

  • Short-Air-Walker enhances the process of recovery for various feet injuries.
  • The medical shoe provides the ability to stabilize the movement of the feet and the ankle joint to recover from medical operation or trauma.
  • It promotes fractures’ reanimation and reduces edema effectively.
  • It supports the initial movements and alleviates the weight of the body to prevent stress over the ankle.
  • The medical shoe will help you rehab and revitalize the normal order of your life

Short Air Walking Boot WellCare

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