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Medical Compression Stockings above knee | MHM

  • The compression stocking is for varicose veins and deep vein thrombosis conditions.
  • It is also known as compression socks; it compresses the leg from the foot up to above the knee.
  • It reduces the swelling, pain, and the heaviness sensation.
  • It improves the vein’s valves functionality.
  • Made in Italy.

430,00 EGP

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Product Description

The MHM Medical Compression Stockings are an amazing method to control the swelling and pain resulted by varicose veins in the legs.

It is a practical medical support that have an immediate reflection once put on.

If you know what you need to do exactly, you will help improving yourself greatly.

If you’re diagnosed with varicose veins,
Then you need to start to reduce the time you are putting your leg in a vertical position and to become more horizontal.
You need to wear the Medical Compression Stockings directly after you wake up and while you’re still in bed.

The horizontal position of sleeping improves the blood circulation by supporting the functionality of the veins valves, whose dysfunction caused the varicose veins in the first place.

Now, before you set foot to the ground, you need to wear the sock, this way,
you’ll maintain the correct adjustment of the valves,
the compression of the sock will support the blood flow back to the heart, which is the function of the veins.

An untreated varicose veins is a dilated, swollen, and painful veins,
It appears below the surface of the skin in different colors (red, purple, or blue). It has a heaviness feeling at the legs making you feel discomfort.

The compression the sock applies, reduces the swelling and can prevent it with the continuous use,
It also reduces pain and the discomfort, it alleviates the effect of the vertical position you’re taking.

Sizes of MHM Medical Compression Stockings:

  • S, M, L, XL.

Properties of MHM Compression Stockings:

  • The compression socks are made of finest elastic and comfortable fabrics.
  • It applies all grades of compression, according to the condition and the size.
  • It is above the knee to help control the swelling.


  • The MHM Medical Compression Stockings help to reduce the consequences of varicose veins.
  • Varicose veins are dilated veins due to a dysfunction of valves. The valves are the gateway of the blood, it should allow the blood to go only one direction, which it upwardly and towards the heart.
  • The dysfunction results in blood reflux, which leads to aggregation of the blood in the vessels, the vessels dilate causing what we can see under the skin surface, the swelling, the pain, the heavy leg, and all of the symptoms.
  • If the varicose veins worsen, it can lead to 2 things, ulcers, which can be devastating and severely painful.
  • And another condition called DVT: deep veins thrombosis, this happens as a blood clot in the deep veins of the leg, which can be very dangerous if that clot moves through the blood stream and block a vessel in a vital organ.
  • Once diagnosed with varicose veins, don’t ignore the danger signs, if you start developing constant pain, swelling, or inability to withstand standing or walking for long periods, take your precautions.

Uses of MHM Medical Compression Stockings:

  • The compression socks are used for varicose veins.
  • It is used for DVT.
  • It is used for reducing all symptoms of the varicose veins:
    1. Swelling.
    2. Pain.
    3. Heaviness.
    4. Ulcers.
  • It supports and adjusts the valves to reduce the reflux.
  • It improves the blood circulation.

Benefits of MHM Medical Compression Stockings:

  • The compression will help you go with day with much less pain and discomfort.
  • It will help you avoid some serious consequences of the condition.

MHM Medical Compression Stockings:

  • Buy MHM Compression Stockings at the best price in Egypt.
  • MHM Compression Stockings is certified by the FDA.
  • MHM Compression Stockings is 100% original.
  • Get MHM Compression Stockings now and enjoy our best deals.
  • MHM Medical Compression Stockings is in a new condition.

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Medical Compression Stockings above knee | MHM
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