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Air Walker i-Care

  • The air walker boot is a medical shoe aid ankle injuries and diabetic foot healing.
  • For severe ankle sprain.
  • For muscle strain healing.
  • For pain reduction.
  • For ulcers and swelling healing.
  • For fractures healing.
  • For extreme ankle joint stabilization.
  • For post-surgical rehabilitation.

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Product Description

The Air Walker Boot from I-Care is a medical device for the foot. It is a type 3 stabilizing and protecting medical support for the foot. It provides the maximum level of ankle immobilization.

It provides special care for the diabetic foot. Anatomically: our limbs represent the peripheral parts of the skeletal system, our lower limbs contain peripheral arteries and peripheral nerves, when the arteries or the nerves dysfunction or get ill, it can directly lead to the neuropathic or diabetic ulcer. An ulcer is a wound at the skin, it is prone to infections, and generally, these wounds heal slowly, especially for chronic diabetic individuals, as diabetes damages the peripheral nerves and blood vessels. Now, the air walker device stabilizes the foot, activates the circulation, and relieve pain and inflammation due to the air pump tubes installed within it.

The boot is extremely helpful in cases of severe ankle sprains, whether it was for diabetic individuals, as mentioned, they are susceptible to injuries as a result of the poor circulation for the extremities, or for ordinary personnel. A severe ankle sprain can be painful and causes instability to motion, and if it wasn’t properly supported the injury can worsen, it may cause fractures or disability due to distortion. Air Walker Boot from I-Care provides the maximum stabilization degree to the foot and the ankle.

Sizes of i-Care Air Walker:

  • S, M, L, XL.

Properties of Air Walker Boot from I-Care:

  • The air walker boot is made of a hard polymer.
  • It is lined with the finest cushioning fabrics, skin-friendly, and facilitates comfort.
  • It is provided with air channels on both sides of the boot, the air pumping levels are adjustable.
  • The compression rate is adjustable.
  • It is grey in color, and it covers the tibial bone.


  • The Air Walker Boot from I-Care is a very important medical device for foot injuries, especially for diabetic patients.
  • Due to its design, it is the type of medical shoe that reaches the ultimate stabilization degree of the whole foot, and i-Care Air Walker is long so it supports the tibial bone as well.
  • In some cases, the boot can help you to avoid having medical surgeries to treat an ankle sprain or to lose a limb due to diabetic or neuropathic ulcers.
  • It can replace forefoot, toes, and ankle fractures gypsum splints.
  • It is used as a part of a post-surgical rehabilitation plan.
  • The medical boot reduces the pressure of the weight placed on the foot.
  • It enhances circulation resulting in accelerating the recovery.
  • The air channels on both sides of the boot allow drying the foot, which leads to a reduced infection rate, they also allow you to control the compression degree to provide the maximum comfort that can be obtained.
  • It reduces the pain of the tibial area that occurs due to the inflammation of the muscles, tendons, and bone tissues surrounding the tibia (Shin splints).

Uses of Air Walker Boot from I-Care:

  • Diabetic foot.
  • Neuropathic diseases.
  • PAD (peripheral artery disease).
  • Forefoot, toes, and ankle cracks and fractures.
  • Shin splints.
  • Severe ankle sprain.
  • Muscles’ strain.
  • Postoperative rehabilitation.
  • Moderate and severe foot injuries.
  • Maximum stabilization for the foot and the ankle joint.

Benefits of i-Care Air Walker:

  • Air Walker Boot from I-Care avoids you lose your limb due to neuropathic or diabetic ulcers.
  • It accelerates recovery by enhancing circulation.
  • It reduces pain due to inflammation or foot injuries.
  • It prevents ankle twists and re-injuries.
  • It airs the foot and helps to health the ulcers.
  • It promotes healing of soft tissue inflammation and injuries.
  • It controls swinging swelling episodes that occur throughout the healing.
  • It reduces pain.

Air Walker Boot from I-Care

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Air Walker i-Care
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