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ROM Elbow Brace controls

  • ROM Elbow Brace controls dislocation and fracture of the elbow, arm, or forearm.
  • Treats hyperflexion and osteoporosis.
  • Treats arthritis and torn ligaments.
  • An elbow brace and a counter stabilizer.
  • The universal design of the counter elbow allows it to be used on most patients and multiple orthopedic problems.
  • Price is suitable for everyone.

1.540,00 EGP

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Product Description

ROM Elbow Brace controls Tynor helps treat fractures and cracks of the elbow, arm, and forearm bones, and also treats elbow hyperextension and over flexion.

This type of brace is used as counter elbow support that restricts postoperative flexion and extension motion of the elbow during the rehabilitation and recovery phase.

ROM Elbow Brace controls uses

Read on to learn the benefits of a counter elbow brace and its different uses:

  • Used to treat fractures of the arm and forearm bones (humerus, ulna, and radius).
  • Treats elbow fractures and fissures.
  • ROM elbow brace controls is also used to treat elbow hyperextension and over flexion.
  • A counter elbow is also used to restrict flexion and extension movement after surgery and in the rehabilitation phase.

ROM Elbow Brace controls features

  • The counter elbow splint limits the elbow’s range of motion through a motion disc that stabilizes the elbow at a 90°, 100°, or 110° angle, ensuring that the elbow joint does not rupture and that the joint is immobilized and stable.
  • Metered elbow is easily adjustable in length with a screwdriver.
  • The elbow support is made of the highest quality lightweight durable materials and is fully lined for added comfort, with rounded straps for maximum stability.
  • Providing the ability to control flexion and extension of the elbow from 0° to 120° and flexion from 0° to 90° by means of a counter is one of the most prominent benefits of a Counter Elbow Support.
  • The elbow support counter features 3D breathable pads, these pads can be easily removed for washing and cleaning.
  • The counter elbow support is easy to apply and remove and ensures no fatigue even after prolonged use.

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How to wear

  • Secure the cast around the upper arm by applying pressure to the underarm.
  • Place the meter around the elbow.
  • Install the bottom around the wrist.
  • Twist the laces and stick them together.
  • Visit a doctor when you feel any pain.

Side effects

  • Don’t use it for long periods.
  • Follow up with the doctor during the rehab period after surgery.

ROM Elbow Brace controls price

Available at El doctorz at a discounted price, 1540EGP per piece. 


Available in one size fits all.

You can order a metered elbow support easily from the ElDoctorz website, and for more details, you can contact us by calling or via WhatsApp on the following number




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