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Sculpting clothes| body slimming rubber

·         Rubber body slimming for body sculpting.

·         helps in burning fats in the desired area.

·         made of best quality materials.


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Product Description

Sculpting clothes

Product information

·         Manufactured in China.

·         Rubber body slimming for body sculpting.

·         helps in burning fats in the desired area.

·         made of best quality materials.

Sculpting clothes| body slimming rubber review

Sculpting clothes product is designed to help you burn fats of the belly and tighten your tummy look.

Wearing sculpting clothes help you define your waistline and gives you a slimmer better look.

it can be worn under your clothes unnoticeable, any time, anywhere, and while doing whatever.

it is made of anti-bacterial processed materials, with high quality. it is also anti-allergic and anti-itching.

Sculpting clothes| Rubber body slimming properties

·         it gives you smarter fitter look.

·         sculpting clothes help you tighten abdominal muscles.

·         it gives you attractive look.

·         wearing sculpting clothes are truly comfortable.

·         it gives your body “the sand clock” style, directly after wearing it.

·         it is made in a delicate design.

·         it acts as a body corset, suitable to wear under dresses for events.

·         it helps in losing body weight and sculpting the waist.

·         it is to be worn during the day, for 8 hours, daily.

·         and for better results, it is preferable to be worn while doing exercises.

·         it helps in lifting up the breasts for a better look.

·         you won’t feel pressured nor annoyed while wearing it, as it is made in the most elastic way.

Advice to wear sculpting clothes

you can wear it:

·         At home.

·         at work.

·         while walking.

·         at the sports club.

·         while shopping.

·         during relaxation.

·         while exercising.

·         while running.

·         while bicycling.

Sculpting clothes usage instructions

·         if you are suffering from any severe condition, it is best to consult your physician.

·         if you suffer from any skin allergies, or if you are susceptible to any allergies, it is best to consult your physician.

Sculpting clothes washing instructions

·         To be washed by hand with water and soap, and leave to dry in air.

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