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Scrotal Suspensory Bandage Better Life

  • It is used ensuing varicocele surgeries.
  • It is used in cases of testicular pain, inflammation and swelling.
  • It is used to reduce the burden on the muscles supporting the testicles.
  • It is used in cases of mild and moderate varicocele.
  • It is used in cases of sagging testis.

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Product Description

Scrotal Suspensory Bandage support from Better Life is mainly used after testicular varicocele surgeries. Varicocele is a common condition among men (ages 15 up to 25 years old).

Varicocele is not considered a serious illness unless the condition is severe.

Varicocele is the swelling of the veins in the testicle sac (Scrotum), therefor, the vessels are enlarged and the blood is clogged as a consequence of the valves dysfunction.

It is commonly painless but may cause dilation; in severe cases, it impacts the count and quality of sperms, and thus lead to increased infertility.

If you suffer from varicocele, wear the suspensory bandage! Especially when standing long and while performing exercise.

Suspensory bandage will reduce the chances to varicocele’s progression, and may prevent its exacerbation completely if you follow the instructions.

Suspensory bandage will help avoid elongation of spermatic cords, promoting their normal functionality of delivering blood and being a semen passage.

It is also used after varicocele operations, to help reduce pain and swelling, furthermore, helps you exercise and walk afterwards, as it reduces the pain and provides good compression and support.

Scrotal Suspensory Bandage support from Better Life is used in cases of saggy testicle, and it serves as a support for the muscles carrying it.

Sized of Scrotal Suspensory Bandage support from Better Life

  • One size, adjustable that fits all sizes.

Features of Suspensory Bandage

  • Made of cotton and rayon, extremely delicate on skin.
  • Made of materials suitable for sensitive skin and does not cause any allergies.
  • With a belt that can be adjusted to suit you explicitly.
  • Provides a wide, flexible front gap, suitable for all sizes.
  • Easy and practical to use.
  • Well ventilated and flexible, providing appropriate confine and support for testicle hold.
  • Washable: wash it with warm water by hand, then leave to dry in air.

Description of Suspensory bandage

  • Suspensory bandage is used to support the testicles when diagnosed with varicocele.
  • Suspensory bandage is used as part of the varicocele post-surgical rehabilitation process, especially during physical performance.
  • Suspensory bandage supports muscles to reduce testicles sagging.
  • If you have a severe illness, you should consult your healthcare provider.

Uses of Scrotal Suspensory Bandage support from Better Life

  • Suspensory bandage is used to reduce testicle’s pain, inflammation, and bump.
  • Slows down and prevents exacerbation of varicocele, and supports scrotum veins to reduce swelling and blood reflux.
  • It is used as a post-operative act to control pain and to increase the ability to move, walk and perform rehabilitation exercises that aid proper walking and urinating.
  • Scrotal Suspensory Bandage support from Better Life reduces sagging testicles by supporting the muscles.

Benefits of suspensory bandage

  • The testicle and the cyst surrounding it is a very sensitive area. Thus, when inflamed or swollen, causes immediate feeling of heaviness and discomfort, suspensory bandage alleviates distress by decreasing constrain and heaviness sensibility.
  • In case of varicocele, the consequences of the matter may get worse if the person does not notice, if the varicose veins progresses, it may lead to cirrhosis of the sperm-producing cells in the testicle and thus cause sterility.
  • Not to mention, testicles may enlarge immensely, forcing you to get surgery, especially if you are a heavyweight lifter, a vigorous fitness player or a professional athlete.
  • To avoid all of the above, keep wearing the suspensory bandage, as it is very practical to use and is inconspicuous, it will have no impact over you, except positively!
  • Wear it, especially when performing physical effort, to avoid diseases progression.
  • Suspensory bandage reduces your suffer and pain succeeding surgery, especially when sitting, walking and performing rehabilitation exercises.

Scrotal Suspensory Bandage support from Better Life

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  • Suspensory bandage is certified by the FDA.
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  • Suspensory bandage is in new condition.

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Scrotal Suspensory Bandage Better Life
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