The Ankle Support supported with a compression belt to help adjust the needed compression placed on the ankle depending in the type of injury.

When injuries occur it is very important to make the injured area rest and to remove the extra load as much as possible.
This way we allow the body to start to heal without facing complications.

In addition to reducing the pain and the inflammation, it also helps to contain swelling.

It can be used if the ankle is sprained, it helps the tendons to recover faster and it helps to stabilize the unstable ligaments (ligaments laxity).

It can be used after surgeries; the compression belt provides the property of adjusting compression to edit the fixation percentage.
This ankle binder can help you apply up to 90% fixation for the ankle joint.

It helps the healing of the soft tissues, joint, and cracked or fractured bones.

It provides warmth, stability, and compression.


Sizes of  Tynor Ankle Support:

  • S, M, L, XL.

Properties of  Tynor Ankle Binder:

  • The fabric of the ankle brace is super elastic with an adjustable compression belt.
  • The fabric is composed of 4 layers to provide compression and durability.
  • Very comfortable and easy to use.


  • The Ankle Binder is a medical binder that helps to maintain stability, heat, and compression to the injured ankle.
  • This is necessary to begin the healing process.
  • This way you eliminate the extra load or weight placed on the ankle preventing any extra or re-injury to occur.
  • It reduces the pain and treats the causative factors of the inflammation.
  • It also helps to control the odema, swelling, and rollovers of the ankle.

Uses of  Tynor Ankle Support:

  • Ankle sprain.
  • Soft tissue injuries.
  • Fractures and cracks.
  • For postoperative rehabilitation.
  • Pain relief.
  • Treatment of inflammation.
  • Ankle fixation and applying compression.

Benefits of  Tynor Ankle Binder:

  • The ankle brace will prevent re-injuries.
  • It will help to start the healing process.
  • It will facilitate recovery.
  • It will control injury symptoms to help with the recovery and the rehabilitation process.

Tynor Plantar Ankle Binder:

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S, M, L, XL