Inguinal Hernia belt

Inguinal Hernia belt

Inguinal Hernia belt

300.00 EGP

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300.00 EGP

  • Provides gentle and constant pressure to the hernia
  • Flexibility to wear under clothing
  • Made up of skin-friendly material and molded foam pad
  • Presence of adjustable leg and abdominal strap
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Inguinal Hernia belt To hold herniated tissue in the pelvic region before surgery and also in cases where surgery is contraindicated.

Provides controlled compression around the affected area with targeted compression. The adjustment provided for maximum comfort and reduces pressure over the back musculature.

Inguinal Hernia belt features

  • Consult your physician before any specific use.
  • Provides gentle and constant pressure to the hernia
  • Flexibility to wear under clothing.
  • Adjustable leg and abdominal straps for controlled and customized pressure Anatomical Pads for pressing at the appropriate spot
  • Waist size to be measured 2 inches below navel
  • Enhanced effectiveness made of special grade ethafoam


  • Small: 70-80 CMS
  • Medium: 80-90 CMS
  • Large: 90-100 CMS
  • X Large: 100-110 CMS
  • 2X Large: 110-120 CMS
  • 3X Large: 120-135 CMS

Inguinal Hernia belt price

Available at El doctorz at a discounted price, 300 جنيه مصري per piece. 

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Tips before using the flamingo inguinal hernia belt

  • You should refer to the doctor before using the inguinal hernia belt, as it is not suitable for all cases.
  • Belt sizes should fit you, so consult your doctor before choosing and wearing a belt.
  • It is not recommended to wear the belt during sleep unless prescribed by a doctor, and it must be worn after waking and throughout the day.
  • Insert the hernia into the body before wearing the belt so that the belt does not cause harm to you.
  • Make sure to remove the belt before bed.

To get the best treatment for inguinal hernia and its rehabilitation after inguinal hernia surgery, you can get the Flamingo inguinal hernia belt by purchasing it directly from our website or contacting us on WhatsApp or by phone at the following number



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