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Dr. Ortho Back Support Belt With Shoulder Straps & Clavicle

  • The back support belt with shoulder straps is a back brace for all of the vertebral column.
  • It supports the neck (Cervical), thoracic, Lumbar, sacrum, and coccyx areas.
  • It reduces pain and stress.
  • Serves as a posture corrector and helps with discs bulges treatment and stabilization.

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Product Description

The back support belt with shoulder straps is a back brace for the whole back.
It supports all of the vertebrae starting from the cervical (the neck) and all the way to the coccyx.
And it supports the collar bones by correctly positioning and stabilizing the shoulder. It helps to avoid shoulder rotation.

It helps to avoid the worsening and treat the following conditions: Scoliosis, Lordosis, and kyphosis.
The support serves as a posture corrector, the mentioned conditions are several types of the bending of the vertebral column.
The belt helps to avoid the progression of these conditions, and helps to treat them as well.

It supports the muscles reducing the muscle tension, it induces relaxation, and pain relief.

For individuals who work really hard, stand for long times, carry heavy stuff, or even for those who sit in a fixed position for long hours with no break or exercise.
They are susceptible for developing back issues, as disc bulges, stress over nerves (For ex; sciatica), muscles spasms, weakness of muscles, and other issues.
All of these conditions result in developing inflammation and feeling severe pain, which additionally may impair the movement.

The support represents a unit designed to protect your spine and release the extra load to prevent and treat back issues, simultaneously, providing maximum support for the muscles.


Sizes of Dr. Ortho Back support belt with shoulder straps:

  • S, M, L, XL, XXL.

Properties of Dr. Ortho Back support belt with shoulder straps :

  • The back support belt with shoulder straps – the clavicle and lumbar support – is made of highly flexible and breathable fabric.
  • Made of finest materials that cause no allergies not irritation.
  • The back brace for supports the whole back.
  • It is provided with a solid segment that provides stabilization for the vertebrae.
  • It is supplied with adjustable waist straps to customize the size.
  • The shoulder holder is lined with foam to provide maximum comfort, especially for deep injuries.
  • The support is of excellent quality and durability.


  • The back support belt with shoulder straps is a great method that helps to treat symptoms related to back issues: such as inflammation and pain and improvement of the posture of the back.
  • The back brace is designed for the protection of the back; the mechanism of the protection depends on stabilization of the vertebral column, in order to reduce the stress placed over the bones and the joints as well as the soft tissues.
  • Because, most of the common incidents are related to disc bulges, and they differ in their degree, sometimes it is too difficult that a person bends forward and has no ability to walk properly for about 10 days up to a month, however other conditions it might be gradual, especially for people who practice hard jobs carrying heavy weights and are in wrong fixed positions for long times.
  • Using the posture corrector will help correct the bending of the back and improve the appearance of it.
  • It is a very important medical belt because it serves as a complete unit connecting the whole back for an effective treatment.

Uses of Dr. Ortho Clavicle & Lumbar Support:

  • The back brace is used for the whole back; it reduces the stress over the vertebra.
  • Treatment of inflammation and pain.
  • Reducing the consequences of the disc bulges.
  • Backbone support.
  • Muscle support.
  • Post-surgical rehabilitation.
  • Posture correction.

Benefits of Dr. Ortho Clavicle & Lumbar Support:

  • The back brace will help you improve your posture.
  • It will relieve the pain and reduce the inflammation.
  • It provides maximum support and protection to the backbone.
  • It provides adequate compression and stabilization to promote healing and recovery.


Dr. Ortho Back support belt with shoulder straps

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Dr. Ortho Back Support Belt With Shoulder Straps & Clavicle
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S, M, L, XL, XXL


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