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Tynor Elbow support

  • Tynor Elbow support provides compression, quick recovery, and relief from inflammation.
  • It is the best treatment for stiff elbow because it treats age-related aches and pains, arthritis, sports injuries.
  • Double layer elbow support, has cotton inside that improves sweat absorption and comfort.
  • Two-layer elbow splint with interlocking air space, effectively retaining body heat, accelerating healing, and relieving pain.

165,00 EGP

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Product Description

Tynor Elbow Support is widely used in orthopedic practice to provide strong compression, warmth, and support for the forearm and elbow joint relieves inflammation and stiffness of the elbow, generally associated with aging, arthritis, sports injuries, etc.

The elbow brace is a soft elbow brace made of high quality materials that provides a good grip on the edges of the elbow joint, uniform pressure in all directions, to aid in a quick recovery and comfort the injured area.

Tynor Elbow support uses

  • Wearing elbow support provides compression, quick recovery, and relief from inflammation and stiffness in the forearm and elbow joint.
  • Helps to treat age-related aches and pains, arthritis, sports injuries, and prevents injuries and elbow sprains.
  • The two-layer interlocking air space provided in the elbow support ensures heat retention which is beneficial in accelerating healing and reducing pain.
  • Wearing an elbow brace helps you treat elbow/forearm joint pain, inflammation, stiffness, osteoarthritis problems, and sports injuries while providing comfort and support.

Tynor Elbow support features

  • Elbow brace for better compression, grip, and easy elbow movement.
  • Medical elbow made of high quality materials to improve comfort and recovery.
  • The brace is the best treatment for elbow stiffness, as it is two-layered, and made of cotton, which improves sweat absorption and provides optimum comfort.
  • The dual-layer nylon exterior ensures durability and improves shape and color stability.
  • The elbow support is made of four-way stretch fabric, ensuring effective compression along with comfort.
  • Helps to effectively retain body heat, speed up healing and relieve pain.

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How to wear

  • Install an elbow splint over the area.
  • Tape the strap tightly, but without overdoing it.
  • Wearing instructions must be followed closely to ensure a speedy recovery.

Tynor elbow support price

Available at El doctorz at a discounted price, 165EGP per piece. 


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You can order the best treatment for elbow stiffness (medical brace) easily from the El Doctorz website, and for more details, you can contact us by calling or via WhatsApp on the following number: 01017111220


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