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Wrist Support Better Life

  • The wrist support is for mildly to slightly moderate sprains wrist.
  • It enhances the circulation
  • It applies compression and heat for a better healing process.
  • It accelerates the recovery rate.
  • It provides mild protection to the joint, especially for athletes.

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Product Description

The wrist support protects the wrist joint and promotes the healing of sprains wrist.

It provides mild compression and mild immobilization rate, so that you can use it during exercise, or whenever you are at risk of injuring your wrist.

It induces comfort and support, it reduces pain and helps to avoid inflammation of the soft tissues.

You can use the support if you repetitively over-use your wrist joint, and started it develop inflammation and pain.

It is better used as a precaution to avoid getting a severe injury and face severe pain.

Mild trauma and bruising cause pain and maybe swelling, if you face such an incident.
Don’t wait till you reach the boiling point! Start applying ice over the injured area, and follow that with a wrist support.

Sizes of Wrist Support Better Life:

  • S, M, L, XL, XXL.

Properties of Wrist Support Better Life:

  • The wrist support is made of an elastic and super comfortable fabrics.
  • Sprains wrist fits perfectly.
  • It applies compression and heat to the injured part.


  • Injuries such as sprains wrist, mild trauma, athletic protection, mild immobilization, pain, and inflammation are all reasons to use the wrist support.
  • Sprains wrist will help to reduce the pain.
  • It will treat the mild inflammation.
  • It will slightly immobilize the wrist joint to avoid additional injuries.
  • Sprains wrist helps to protect the joint by compressing its parts and keeping them intact.
  • It corrects the posture of the joint and the soft tissues to reduce the pain.

Uses of Wrist Support Better Life for sprains wrist:

  • Mild to slightly moderate sprains wrist.
  • Mild trauma and inflammation.
  • Bruising and swelling.
  • Comfortable protection and mild support to the joint.
  • Slight immobilization to the joint.
  • Application of compression and heat to stimulate the circulation and reduce pain.
  • Mild to moderate pain-relief.

Benefits of Wrist Support Better Life:

  • The wrist support will help protect your wrist, especially if you are an athlete.
  • Very beneficial if you are doing activities that can have your wrist twisted.
  • It will definitely help if you over-use your wrist joint.

Wrist Support Better Life;

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