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Open Ankle Support Better Life

  • To stabilize the ankle joint moderately.
  • To support the ankle when injured.
  • For ankle sprains.
  • For muscle strains.
  • For soft tissue injuries and damages.
  • For athletic support.

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Product Description

The Open Ankle Support from Better Life is manufactured following high standards and using high-quality materials.

It provides optimal support, compression, and warmth to the ankle and the foot.

When the ankle is injured it must rest for at least a few days up to weeks depending on the type of injury. When you use the ankle support once the injury occurs, you allow your body to start recovering and restores its optimum health condition, the more you delay to take care of your foot, the hardest the mission is going to be.

It is very important to keep the injured part of our body resting and immobilizing, to allow it to heal properly and rapidly, leaving unmentioned scars.

The support is not only for ankle joint injuries, but it provides support to the soft tissues as well as, the bones.


Sizes of Open Ankle Support Better Life:

  • S / M / L / XL / XXL.

Properties of Open Ankle Support:

  • The fabrics is made of Neoprene, which is a chemical substance that is skin-friendly because it doesn’t react with anything.
  • It is elastic ankle support, stretchable at all directions.
  • It is open at the ankle spot, to avoid falling.
  • It is a great tool to use as a precursor for example; for athletes.


  • The ankle support provides suitable compression and warmth to the ankle to activate circulation and facilitate the recovery.
  • It stabilizes the ankle moderately, which works perfectly for mild and moderate injuries.
  • It provides type 2 protection.
  • It helps to reduce muscle strains and promotes comfort.
  • The ligaments and tendons injuries and instability can be treated using the support and resting enough.
  • It can be used during rehabilitation for postoperative conditions.
  • It reduces the pressure over the injured cartilages, resulting in a better motion and less pain.
  • It limits the movement range of the ankle to reduce the pain and the inflammation.
  • The heel area is open to increase balance and stability and to prevent falling while walking or exercising.

Uses of Open Ankle Support Better Life:

  • Ankle sprain, fractures, and instability.
  • Soft tissue injuries (muscles, ligaments, tendons, and cartilages) need time to rehab and recover.
  • For post-surgical rehabilitation.
  • To prevent future injuries resulting from sports.
  • For people with weak muscles and ankle.

Benefits of Open Ankle Support:

  • It will help you maintain your ankle stable.
  • It provides support and compression to the injured area.
  • It will prevent re-injury of past incidents.
  • It will prevent future injuries.

Open Ankle Support Better Life

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Open Ankle Support Better Life
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