Air Walker cast Dr.Ortho

Dr Ortho Air Walker Cast medical boot

Air Walker cast Dr.Ortho

2,400.00 EGP

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2,400.00 EGP

  • The aircast boot is for the diabetic foot.
  • For severe ankle sprains.
  • For ankle stabilization.
  • For heel and ankle fractures.
  • Provides compression through installed air tubes laterally on both sides.
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The Air Walker Cast is an amazing medical shoe designed to treat the symptoms of the diabetic foot and severe ankle sprains.

It also helps the healing of the foot fractures, it provides the maximum stabilization degree, and it has an adjustable compression system, through air tubes on both sides of the medical shoe.

Diabetic individuals have poorer circulation than ordinary individuals, this makes them more susceptible to ankle sprains and soft tissue injuries.

Whenever a diabetic individual faces moderate to severe pain in the foot, he/she must consider using the aircast boot.

It helps control the swinging edema that develops during the healing process in cases of healing fracture, post-operative healing, and diabetic foot.

It is beneficial to help in the treatment of diabetic and neuropathy ulcers as the air system enables you to manipulate the compression degree.

Air Walker Cast can be an alternative or a compensatory for gypsum splints.

Size of Aircast medical boot:

  • S, M, L, XL.

Properties of Air Walker Cast medical boot:

  • It is manufactured of a hard polymer.
  • It is a short airwalker boot.
  • It is lined with the best quality cushioning fabrics that cause no allergies nor discomfort.
  • It is provided with an installed air system to adjust the compression degree.



The aircast boot is generally used for 2 things: 1. Maximum stabilization of the ankle joint and the foot. 2. To facilitate the healing process for all injuries related to the foot, toes, ankle, soft tissues, and bones.

The possible injuries can happen due to a present disease (Ex: diabetes), or it can happen due to a trauma or an accident.

As for Bones: crack and fractures can occur.

For joint: ankle sprain and fracture.

For soft tissues: 1. Muscles: strain, cramps, and pain. 2.  Tendons: Achilles tendinitis, tears, and tendon’s sprains. 3. Ligaments: laxity and rapture. 4. Cartilages: degeneration and damage.

For toes: cracks and fractures.

For heel: Heel spurs (plantar facia), heel tissue inflammation, and fracture.

For skin: Diabetic and neuropathy ulcers.

In general: birth defects and after medical surgeries.

Uses of Air Walker Cast:

  • Diabetic foot.
  • Diabetic and neuropathy ulcers.
  • Post-surgeries.
  • Severe ankle sprain.
  • Ankle soft tissue injuries.
  • Ankle joint and bone cracks and fractures.
  • Heel injuries and post-operations.
  • Toes injuries, cracks, fractures, and post-surgeries.
  • Maximum stabilization degree for the foot and the ankle joint.

Benefits of Aircast medical boot:

  • Air Walker Cast promotes fast recovery.
  • It prevents re-injuries.
  • It provides the ultimate stability degree.
  • It provides the most suitable compression to the foot.
  • It reduces the stress placed on the injured area to enhance healing.

Dr. Ortho Air Walker Cast

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S, M, L, XL


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