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Pediatric Baby Hip Splint Adjustable

Baby Hip Splint Adjustable | SOFT GUARDS

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700.00 EGP

  • For cases of developmental dysplasia (pediatric hip dislocation).
  • It helps avoid surgeries for newborns with condition of pelvic dislocation.
  • It is used in cases of Femur fractures and cracks.
  • In cases of hip dislocation: it stabilizes the thigh movement in a spaced position to maintain a normal hip development.
  • Supports providing a wide range of motion in cases of femur fractures.
  • Supplied with a meter.
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Pediatric Baby Hip Splint Adjustable+meter is manufactured specifically for newborns (often under the age of 6 months), for a condition called (developmental Dysplasia) Hip dislocation.

This is a known condition occurs to newborns in about 1% of the African population, where dislocation of the pelvic joint occurs during childbirth. This device stabilizes the movement of the thigh bones in a spaced in order to allow the hip to grow and develop naturally, furthermore, to allow the ligaments and the tendons of the hip to support it to obtain a normal future movement.

The child’s body contains his mother’s relaxing hormones in this period of his life, these hormones help the baby recover.

In most cases, the child must wear the device continuously for several weeks and afterwards, during sleep only, for additional several weeks.

This device helps treat cases of cracks and fractures of the femur, as it re-establishes a wide extend of movement for the hip during its growth till it becomes more stable.

Pediatric Baby Hip Splint Adjustable+meter sizes

  • XS / S / M / L.

Features of pediatric Hip Splint + Meter

  • This device is made of the finest and purest materials.
  • It is composed of High-quality materials that provide solid support for the hip joint and the femur.
  • Does not cause allergies to children.
  • With a very soft and flexible cushioning layer, in order to provide your child with absolute comfort and safety.
  • Easy to put on and take off, so as not to disturb you or your child.
  • Pediatric Baby Hip Splint Adjustable Provided with a digital meter.

Pediatric hip splint+meter description

  • This device promotes the normal maturation of the hip joint and provides support for ligaments and joints to stabilize the pelvic joint.
  • It supports the growth of bone cells in cases of cracks and fractures of the femur while providing a spacious scope of motion, subsequently, preserving a typical hip development process.

Uses of pediatric hip splint+meter

  • Pediatric Baby Hip Splint Adjustable is used to stabilize the hip joint and support its normal growth for children (under 6 months of age) suffering from a condition called developmental dysplasia or hip dislocation, a condition that occurs during childbirth.
  • This device is used as a primary and effective method for treating hip dislocations in children.
  • This device is used to facilitate heal femur cracks and fractures, without adversely affecting the normal pelvic joint development.

Benefits of Pediatric Baby Hip Splint Adjustable

  • Developmental dysplasia of newborns are not very common, but the incidence rates differ according to race; pediatricians around the world tend to choose pediatric hip splint as a fundamental solution to treat this condition.
  • Babies are small in size and also very young, so doctors do not prefer to cause them struggles by performing surgeries, and thus they opt for the best and easiest for the child and family, which is to use the splint to provide stability to the pelvis and support its normal development.
  • Furthermore, sustain an appropriate distance between the thighs for the child’s hip to continue maturating.
  • If the device is not worn, joint deformity may occur, thereby impeding movement that appears in his inability to walk normally, consequently, performing surgery may be needed to treat this condition.
  • Pediatric hip splint+meter indulge the most suitable and effective treatment plan.
  • It helps in treating cases of cracks and fractures of the femur, while aiding the regular growth of the hip, thus avoiding any distortions or movement disabilities.

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