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Long Air Walker Taiwan

Long Air Walker | Taiwan

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2,450.00 EGP

  • For moderate and severe ankle sprain.
  • For post-surgical rehabilitation.
  • For ankle and foot fractures.
  • For soft tissue injuries.
  • For maximum stabilization of the ankle and the foot.
  • For shin splint.

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Long Air Walker Taiwan is a medical air walking boot designed for maximum stabilization of the ankle and the foot. It helps the treatment of moderate and severe ankle sprain. And is designated for cases that require a complete stabilization of the foot and ankle.

It has an installed air system, where the air is bumped to relieve pain and control compression.

The fixation of the injured is unavoidable for recovery. Unless the injured part is stabilized, it may worsen and can face further injury. It allows the healing of the fractured bones, and is used for post-surgical rehabilitation. It provides compression, which stimulates the blood circulation to accelerate healing by providing the needed nutritional elements.

It deals with the varied swelling patterns of the foot. It is a breathable medical shoe that provides comfort to diabetic and neuropathic ulcers. It helps in cases of repetitive ankle sprains.

Long Air Walker Taiwan is also a great support for shin bone injury and pain. It helps to heal the muscle strain and cartilage injuries.

It helps the tendons and ligaments injuries to heal by providing absolute stabilization.

It helps the individuals to move without the worry of getting re-injured.

Sizes of Long Air Walker Taiwan:

  • S, M, L, XL.

Properties of Long Air Walker:

  • The long medical walking boot is made of hard polymer for ultimate stabilization.
  • Provided with an installed air bumping system, 2 air tubes on the sides of the medical shoe.
  • It is provided with 2 metal pillars to maximize the stabilization.
  • It has a cushioning lining layer of the best qualities.


  • The walking boot is a great medical device providing maximum stabilization.
  • It enhances the circulation and the healing process.
  • The medical shoe fixes the ankle joint and the whole foot, as well as the shin bone.
  • It helps in providing ultimate protection for the foot and shin area.
  • It helps in the treatment of the symptoms of the diabetic foot (ulcers and ankle sprain).
  • It can be considered as an orthopedic device for foot bones’ fractures.
  • The air system installed in the air walker is great for treatment of soft tissues and skin injuries.
  • It doesn’t cause allergies nor irritation.

Uses of Long Air Walker Taiwan:

  • The long walking boot is used for:
  • Diabetic foot.
  • Repetitive ankle sprains.
  • Moderate and severe ankle sprain.
  • For prevention of any motion angle of the foot and the ankle.
  • Bones fractures.
  • Shin splints.
  • Toes fractures and injuries.
  • Correction of Hallux Valgus condition.
  • For Charcot foot.
  • For Foot Neuropathy disorders.
  • For weak foot bones.
  • For postoperative rehab.

Benefits of Long Air Walker:

  • It will provide level 3 protection for the ankle and the foot, as in ‘No motion’.
  • It will reduce the swelling and the pain of the foot.
  • It will provide compression to stimulate the circulation for better recovery rate.
  • It will help the movement initiative after surgeries.
  • it has an air bumping mechanism the provide comfort to the injured foot.

Long Air Walker Taiwan

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S, M, L, XL


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