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I-Care Air Walking Boot

Air Walking Boot Cast| I-Care

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2,400.00 EGP

  • For ankle joint and foot fractures.
  • For ankle joint sprains.
  • For diabetic foot.
  • For soft tissue injuries.
  • For feet better immobilization.
  • For Tibia splints.
  • For diabetic foot.
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I-Care Air Walking Boot Cast is a medical walking boot used for feet and Tibia (Shin) injuries.

It is designed to maintain the foot immobilized to aid the healing process.

It is very important to keep the weight off of any injured area during healing, I-Care Air walking boot helps to release the weight stress off your leg. The air walking boot is long to serve as a splint for conditions of tibia (shin) injuries such as fractures or cracks.

The air walking boot is extremely helpful in cases of severe ankle sprains, which can be really hurtful. Diabetic personnel are extremely exposed to ankle sprains, that’s why it is important for diabetic individuals to use the air walking boot if they start to suffer from severe pain in the ankle due to stress and fatigue.

The air walking boot helps to stabilize the injured area to facilitate healing.

It is helpful in cases of soft tissue injures, soft tissues represent the muscles, tendons, ligaments, and cartilages. The soft tissues can get injured due to many reasons starting from fatigue and stress and up to osteomalacia, osteoporosis, and accidents.

I-Care Air Walking Boot provides you the best stability for your foot and shin bone.

Sizes of I-Care Air Walking Boot:

  • S, M, L.

Properties of I-Care Air Walking Boot Cast:

  • It is made of hard polymer.
  • It is provided with lining fabrics of the best quality to provide comfort.
  • The lining fabrics are anti-microbial and don’t cause allergies.
  • The compression level is adjustable by manipulating the air system.
  • It is supported by 2 lateral metal pillars.


  • The air walking boot is the best to help your bones and soft tissues to heal.
  • It aids the healing process of diabetic severe ankle sprains.
  • It stabilizes the tibia bone to facilitate the healing of the fracture or the crack by reducing the burden of the wight over it.
  • Generally, the air walking boot reduces the weight off of the tibia and all parts of the foot (soft tissues and toes) and it provides the best immobilization of the foot in order to promote healing.
  • The air walking boot is provided with an air system to induce compression to relife pain of the diabetic feet, sprain ankles, and diabetic ulcers.
  • Long air walking boot reduces pain, controls edema and helps to fix fractures and sprains.

Uses of I-Care Air Walking Boot Cast:

  • Severe ankle sprains, ankle fracture.
  • Shin (tibia fractures and cracks) splints.
  • Soft tissue injuries: muscle ache, muscle spasm, muscle strain, tendon sprains, ligament ruptures, ligament tears, cartilage degeneration, cartilage tears, and ligament damages.
  • Diabetic foot, diabetic ulcers, and neuropathy ulcers.
  • To ease pain, control swelling, and edema of all sorts.
  • For athletic and post-surgical rehabilitation.

Benefits of I-Care Air Walking Boot Cast:

  • Using I-Care Air walking boot during ankle and tibia injuries is greatly helpful to promote healing.
  • It helps ease the pain to proceed with the rehabilitation plan.
  • It provides the ability to depend on one’s self while providing extreme stability to the injured part.
  • It aids the initial movement following surgery, and it reduces the edema of all sorts and the swelling along the process of healing.
  • It provides compression to maintain customized stability while providing adjustability to compression levels through manipulating the air system installed in the walking boot.
  • Lined with super comfortable and high-quality fabrics to ease the stress discomfort caused by the hard polymer.

I-Care Air Walking Boot Cast

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