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Off-Loading Insoles | Darco

  • The offloading peg contour insole is a great way to protect your foot against various injuries.
  • Treatment of and avoid plantar lesions.
  • To avoid and treat plantar ulcers.
  • For cases of Talipes Valgus.
  • For neuropathic changes of the foot.
  • To reduce deformity degree.
  • Heel wounds and spurs.
  • Pain reduction.

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Product Description

The Off-Loading Insoles is an offloading shoe inserts that helps in the treatment of several injuries and foot deformities.

It helps to avoid and treat skin inflammation and diseases such as plantar lesions, on other words Callus “a keratinous layer that has dead rigid cells form a painful lump down at the toes or the foot”.

The insole comes in the shape of beehives, which are partially movable for best suitability.

The metatarsal bones forming the foot have a transversal arch, this arch by time can spread horizontally, leading to increasing in the spaces between the bones and widening in the foot (splayfoot condition). This condition can lead to more complications, the insole helps avoid and reduce this condition progress.

The insole also helps to avoid and treat plantar ulcers, which are deep painful wounds in the foot, these wounds can cause severe pain and discomfort standing and walking. The insole helps to reduce the friction of the injured areas with the shoe surface, leading an accelerated recovery, and a better feeling.

Off-Loading Insoles helps in a congenital condition called Talipes Valgus, which is a deformity causes the foot to rotate inwardly and focuses gaiting only on the inner parts of the legs.

It reduces pain due to heel spurs, heel wounds, and post-surgical rehabilitation.

It reduces the pain resulting from the pressure of stress points in forefoot and mid-foot.

Sizes of Off-Loading Insoles Darco:

  • The customer provides his/her shoe size.

Properties of Off Loading Insole Darco:

  • The Off-Loading Insoles is made of a high dense foam material to provide maximum comfort to the foot.
  • It is a breathable insole to provide freshness and comfort.
  • The offloading insole reduces the pressure on the foot by about 55%.
  • It speeds up the healing rate enormously.
  • Very comfortable.


  • The unique design of the Off-Loading Insoles allows it to treat the plantar lesions and ulcers through reducing the heat and accordingly reducing bacterial infection rate.
  • It provides movable cells to choose the distribution that suits each individual.
  • The insoles are amazingly cushioning as it is made of PU, which is a substance that resembles the real leather, and does include a thin layer of real leather, which gains it its durability.
  • They help to contain the bones deformity that can happen in the foot such as Charcot foot and splayfoot condition.
  • It assists the fast healing of the heels.
  • It reduces the pressure placed in the foot up to 55%. It reduces the inflammation and the pain due to inflammation, injuries, wound, and heel spurs.
  • The heel spur is calcium deposition the foot that accumulate and cause a sharp spur, becomes very painful with the pressure and effort.

Uses of Off Loading Insole Darco:

  • The Off-Loading Insoles helps in avoiding, treating, controlling inflammation and pain, and reducing the symptoms of the following:
  1. Plantar lesions.
  2. Plantar ulcers.
  3. Plantar fasciitis (Heel spurs).
  4. Heel ulcers.
  5. Heel wounds.
  6. Weak foot bone (Charcot foot).
  7. Neuropathic foot.
  8. Flat foot.
  9. Post-operative rehabilitation.
  10. Precaution of injury.
  11. Pain relief.
  12. Inflammation treatment.
  13. Foot freshness.
  14. For optimal foot care.
  15. For poor quality shoes.
  16. For walking over bad shaped street.
  17. For exercises.
  18. For better walking, running stairs climbing experience.
  19. Offloading

Benefits of Off Loading Insole Darco:

  • The peg contour insole helps in cooling and relaxing your foot all the time.
  • The offloading insole helps to avoid several foot injuries and diseases, or at least reduce the symptoms and slows the progression.
  • Helps to avoid foot deformities.
  • It provides the maximum foot care and protection.

Off-Loading Insoles Darco

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  • Off Loading Insole Darcois certified by the FDA.
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  • Off Loading Insole Darcois in a new condition.

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Off-Loading Insoles | Darco
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