Pediatric knee immobilizer

Pediatric knee immobilizer

Pediatric knee immobilizer

700.00 EGP

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700.00 EGP

  • Stabilizing the knee and preventing its movement in cases of fractures.
  • Treats knee injuries and sprains.
  • Helps in cases of early splint removal.
  • Knee rehabilitation after surgery.
  • Designed specifically for kids.
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Tynor Children’s Knee Immobilizer Immobilizes children’s feet in cases of foot injuries such as fractures and sprains, in addition to its shape suitable for children.

Pediatric knee immobilizer uses

  • Support and stabilizes a child’s foot and knee in cases of fractures and sprains.
  • Help with early orthosis removal.
  • Used when a child has tears or sprains.
  • Helps with knee immobilization and motion control problems.
  • Controls the movement of the patella and helps support and stabilize a weak or injured knee.
  • Postoperative knee orthosis.

Features of Tynor pediatric knee immobilizer

  • Tynor Kids Knee Support is lightweight.
  • Take the anatomical shape of the foot and leg.
  • helps with slight flexion.
  • Align the knee in it’s position.
  • Soft and comfortable.
  • Has a decent and attractive appearance for children.

Tynor Kids Knee Support Sizing

Before choosing the size of the Tynor knee brace for children, you must first determine and choose the size of the splint, by measuring the circumference of the thigh above the kneecap area about 6 inches or 15 cm, if the thigh circumference is less than 14.8 inches or 37.5 cm it will be a children’s knee brace It is sized appropriately for your child, as it can be resized.

How to put on and use Pediatric knee immobilizer

  • Loosen the bracket ties.
  • Place it on the knee so that the hole in the cast is at the kneecap.
  • Bend the child’s knee to match the shape and structure of the cast.
  • First fasten the straps of the front splint with appropriate width and pressure, and then tie the back strap so that it applies comfortable, unobtrusive pressure to the knee.

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Tynor Children’s Knee Immobilizer Price

Available at El doctorz at a discounted price, 700 جنيه مصري per piece. 

To get the best support and fixation for your child’s knee, you can buy the Tynor children’s knee splint directly from our website, or you can contact us via WhatsApp or phone through the following number:



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